Monday, April 21, 2008

A text that made my day

Today so far has been spectacular and I really don't say that about Mondays very often at all.

Mostly because I had some female companionship today, which is something I've really been lacking since I moved down here to Ft. Polk. As some of you may know I'm a member of Army Wives Forums. Recently another girl joined that was here at Fort Polk and I kind of knew her as a friend of a friend. Well, today she texted me and asked if I wanted to come hang out with her and her little boys at the park. I accepted and I had a good time getting to know her. She and her family will be PCSing to Italy about two months after Sean and I, so I'm looking forward to getting to know her here and then having another friend in Italy.

Just an hour with another person in the same situation as I am, really made my day.

Currently I am working on supper while Sean studies for his HazMat class. I'm making chicken covered in some honey and BBQ sauce from Oklahoma that Sean and I both enjoy. I've put the chicken in foil packets on top of some potatoes and onions and I'm getting ready to make green beans with almonds. Should be a delicious dinner!

Tomorrow and Thursday I am attending Army Family Team Building from 8:30-2:30, which I've heard is a lot of fun. Even if I don't have a job I think I can still take classes and do things that will help on my resume. I think if I don't get this job that I'm interviewing for on Wednesday that I'm going to start volunteering at ACS a couple of days during the week. I really need to get out, learn something and meet some more people. I can't be a hermit forever!

Well, time to start on my green beans. Hope all of you had a fantastic Monday!


Caitlin said...

hi, found your site through another one, and just wanted to say that my boy is a paratrooper as well :-) good luck getting used to life on post, from what i understand it's rough at first but fine once you get into the groove of it! :)

Caitlin said...

yeah, i was really excited to get it! i'm not going on to grad school but still, looks good on resumes and stuff. it's interesting to read about the stuff they have on post for families--i still get emails from the FRG (even though i'm not a wife) and all the stuff they talk about on there sounds so helpful/interesting. :-) have fun and good luck!

d.a.r. said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog, talk about making my day. It's nice to know that people are remotely interested in the stuff I write about. The army life is a new world for me too...and judging by your wedding picture it appears we got married around the same time. December 29?

Anyways, you have been added to my blogroll, thanks for saying hi!

trying said...

There is a lot to be said for spending some time with another human being! And a nice one at that.

Dinner sounds yummy and very easy clean up, always a plus.

Have fun at team building and I think your on to something about not being a hermit forever.

Katie said...

Thanks for the comment! Good luck with your interview on Wednesday!