Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Truth and Sexy Time!

So to answer which are the truth and which was the lie from yesterday, all of you that said number 1 was the lie are correct!

I was not voted best smile my senior year, but I did hop a 10 foot wall with two friends on my 18th birthday into a baseball stadium and I did buy my wedding dress for $75.00.

It was an amazing find, I'm not going to lie. Here's a little background on the dress. Because Sean and I had a JOP wedding first and pretty much ran off and got married, my parent's weren't happy with me. So...Sean and I ended up paying for most of our wedding ourselves. budget for my dress was barely existant. I just so happened to find the dress while shopping at a thrift store with a friend. I tried it on, it fit perfectly and just needed to be dry cleaned and the zipper fixed. All in all with the zipper, dry cleaning and dress it cost me about $200.00. Not too shabby.

So Sara tagged me for this sexy survey. Here are the rules:

- Write 5 things that make me feel sexy
- Post a pic (only IF I dare)
- Pass it on to 5 lovely bloggers

1. Dresses. Nothing makes me feel sexier than a dress or skirt that fits just right and shows off my best features.

2. Laughing over a private joke with Sean. I like that it's our secret, only the two of us are in the know of what we are laughing about.

3. When my back is touched. I LOVE to have my back touched. It's like the best feeling in the world.

4.When everything comes together and you look your best. Hair looks great, make-up is awesome and the clothes come together and you look HOT.

5. Corsets or bustiers. Vintage glamour and oh so flattering.

Because I do dare, I'm going to post a sexy pic. Don't's not risque. Remember when I talked about wanting to get pin-up pics done? This is my attempt of doing it myself.

I tag:
1. Full of Heart
2. SinGal
3. Jenny at Indiana Girl
4. Jessica at Southern Yankee
5. Lala at What? Mermaids


Jacqueline said...

I totally agree with all those! I think my list would be the exact same :)

Sara said...

Woo hoo!!! I guessed correctly!

Great picture! Thanks for participating.

Teresa said...

Oh la la lol.

Cute picture.

Sarah Ann said...

Love that picture! And I agree, dresses and skirts along with the perfect makeup and hair just make the day so much better.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

YAY!! I guessed correctly too!!

I like your list. And your picture is HOT!

Kebi Cedawna said...

Just stopping by to say Hola!!!
Love ya!

Hannah Noel said...

lol, that picture rocks.

loquita said...

I think the pin-up pic turned out great! Makes me miss having long hair... I need to grow it back.

Jessica said...

Heeeyyy I'm tagged!! A little late, yes, but I'll be sure to do my list tomorrow.
And hottie doesn't even do you justice!!