Sunday, August 9, 2009

Job Stress

If my posts have seemed a little off the last few days, it's because I'm going through some stress at work.

Awhile back I mentioned that my boss was taking another position at a different center. This past week the temporary replacement until we hire someone to take her place has been here.

Let me just say that this hasn't been a pleasant week. Thank GOD this person will only be here for one month, two max or I'd probably have to quit and just become a volunteer.

It's so bad that the volunteers and soldiers don't want to come in while he's here and I certainly don't.

My problem with this person?
A. False sincerity and it's very obvious.
B. Every little thing any of us here do has to be scrutinized.
C. This person asks for opinions on situations, we give them and then the person continues to do exactly what he wants, despite the fact that we've told him changing it would upset people.
D. Last, but not least I was at the center eating lunch the other day in the kitchen. I did not approach the desk, I did not say I was there to work, as I had four hours until I was scheduled to work. I was merely there to eat lunch and converse with a few people. This person interrupted me talking to people AND eating lunch, not once but twice to inform me of things I needed to do once I got to work. Finally I was a bit rude and told them I would be happy to discuss those things once I got to work! I just find it rude when I'm not working to come and continue to ask me to do things. I feel like a list would have been sufficient.

I just really want this person gone and the replacement to start before I go crazy!


MG said...

Glad that person will not be there for long! He sounds horrible to work with!

Sara said...

Some people are just not meant to be in a management position. I've had a similar experience or two with past jobs. It makes life so difficult.

High Heels & Combat Boots said...

Ask for a transfer with the old boss!!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That person should not have that job. He obviously isn't cut out for it. Hang in there!

lola said...

Thank goodness it's only a month! :)

Mrs. Cup said...


Sarah Ann said...

What a jerk. Maybe take some time off if it gets to be too much. Stand your ground, people like that will respect you more if you don't let them have their way.

Rebecca said...

What a jerk! I'm glad he's leaving soon!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Ewee! Rude! good for you for saying something!