Thursday, November 6, 2008

PBS and Photography Musings...

First things first....a fab giveaway!

Check out Wearing Mascara's awesome make-up giveaway. I promise you won't be disappointed.

I'm still trying to think what to give away for my 200th post. Sorry to the ladies in Europe, but I won't be giving away a plane ticket anytime soon. So keep those suggestions coming!

I'm getting super excited about this upcoming weekend. I'm hopping over to Houston to hang out with Sara and Lindsay and I'm thinking it's going to be a blast!

I got a wonderful award from D.A.R. over at The Student and the Soldier today.

Thanks D.A.R.! I'm glad that people enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy reading theirs.

I'm supposed to pass that along to a few other people, so I'll pass it on to a few of my new favorites.

1. Sarah at Dance Shoes and Combat Boots. I just recently started reading her blog and I'm really enjoying it.
2. Honey and Quilts- I like the way she writes and her quilts are amazing! I told her I'm going to come visit her in Germany once I get to Italy. I have a feeling we'd have a good time!
3. My Home, My Life- she's always got a great post waiting for you and she dislikes blow-up lawn ornaments as much as I do. That right there deserves an award.

Does anyone watch Antiques Roadshow? Sean and I try to watch it every week. (I told you I was old) Anyway, I'm constantly in awe of the things people find in their homes/garage sales/estate sales or has been passed down in their family. Last week, one lady had a scrapbook one of her ancestors had made of various Confederate and Union leaders, with their autographs, pictures, etc. It was amazing! I wish I had something cool like that in my family. As far as I know we are lacking in cool antiques on both sides of my family. Does anyone have any neat antiques/family heirlooms in their family? I'd love to hear about them if you do.

Sean and I watched a very interesting program last night on PBS about the Medal of Honor. Did anyone else catch it? Some of the things these men did were AMAZING! It really was an eye-opener for me and how heroic some of the people who have served our military from the very beginning have been. Several parts almost made me cry. Especially seeing the crosses at Normandy. I plan on visiting there while I'm in Europe and I know just being there I'm going to cry. It's such a historic/meaningful place.

Ok...enough sad talk.

I have my eye on a new telephoto lens for my camera. I'd ask for it for Christmas, but it's ridiculously expensive, so I'm going to leave it off my list. I think it'd really take my photos to a new level honestly and I like the option of having a telephoto lens.

I honestly do want to be a photographer. So in reality I do need to buy things like lenses, flashes, Photoshop to help with that. Sean is great in encouraging me with this dream and my friends are too. My only dilemma is what market I choose to work in. I personally enjoy taking landscape, outdoor, wildlife photos, but unless I sell those to magazines, websites, etc I don't see so much of a market in that. I do really enjoy taking pictures of babies and children, but working with people kind of makes me nervous. Not that I'm not a people-person, but the fact I'm taking pictures of essentially memories is scary to me. That's mainly why I don't want to be a wedding photographer, because I know how important that day is and I'd hate for my pictures to not reflect what the couple wants. Make sense? I guess I just need to take my photography one-step at a time.

Oh and one last thing. Look at these cute dresses! They'd be perfect for a holiday party. (Forever 21 of course!)

Have a superb Thursday eveyone!


Lindsey said...

In love with those dresses!!!

Mojito Maven said...

1. Congrats on your award
2. I also would love one of those lenses!!!!!
3. That pink dress is KILLER! ugh...i wish I could lose this weight so i can wear that

AND I can't remember if I told you yesterday but in case I forgot I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your new hair color!!

Melissa said...

The purple/pink dress is AMAZING!!

It's a good thing we don't have Forever 21 in England or I'd have to go get one! ^o^

Megan said...

I love forever 21. I just cannnnnot get enough of that store! I really want a telephoto lens too..but yeah, they're expensive.

I totally entered that giveaway.. I loveee Sephora.

SouthernAccent said...

Funny - I love antiques roadshow too! I wish I could find one of those biggies that people almost pass out when they hear the value. I'd sell it in a second! I want a DSL camera for Christmas and the lens too - I've got the Photoshop and the skills and I love to take pics! I'm asking for money for Christmas so I can go buy one!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

I love the dresses! Photography is a lot of work, but I have a very good friend who has made quite a business for herself. She started with family and friends and is not mostly a wedding photography.

Check out her blog on my list of daily reads. If you contact her, I'm sure she could give you some tips and advice. I do see your point about your chosen specialty though. I could be tough, but if you work hard enough, I'm sure you could do it.

erika said...

i have that lens! It's really great and actually quite versatile. I usually put it on more than any of my others. I shoot with a Nikon D40 and i absolutely love it. My brother is graduating this may with his degree in photography so if you ever have any photo related questions let me know! If i can't answer them, surely he will.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the award - first time I saw this one!

Wearing Mascara said...

Hey and thanks for stopping by my blog! I, too, LOVE photography and feel the same way. What kind of camera do you have? I have a Nikon D40... I'd love to chat more about it so email me if you want. xoxo

Sara said...

No surprise, I own the urban decay shadow box on her website :-) I'm obsessed with urban decay makeup. The oil slick and mildew are two of my favs.

I have been looking for a good black lace dress. I found one at white house black market but even while i had a job that store is too expensive.

I think that you should practice on people more. Seriously, people wouldn't hire you for a wedding and such if they didn't think your work reflected the direction they're going for. I know its personal but person and photographer need to have a relationship and common goal.

An Atlanta Bride said...

love that first one!