Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Crescent City in pictures!

Here's a small sampling of the pictures I took this weekend.

Starting the trip off right with a Bloody Mary (spicy of course!) and a Mojito.

My soft-shell crab Po'Boy.

Sara clowning around.

A small courtyard room off of one of the shops.

Jackson Square

Another shot of Jackson Square

Sara trying on one of the ever-present masks.

The most famous street in New Orleans

Beignets at Cafe Du Monde

Enjoying my beignet

View of the river

Lafayette Cemetery in the Garden District

Wrought-Iron fence in the Garden District

Ann Rice's home (which is for sale)

Sara's idea of torturing Jagger

The Palm Trees decorated for Christmas

Our Haunted History Tour

Check out the orbs. (Ok...so I think it's the light, but our tour guide was convinced otherwise....)

Scary shadows at night!

Check out this crazy art exhibit. Yes...those are grills.

This was interesting art too.

Sara and I and our art that we bought.

My Elton John inspired glasses.


Mojito Maven said...

1. glad to see you ordered the mojito.
2. the beignets you are eating look AMAZING
3. the picture of you in those glasses should be your new blog profile pic! LOVE it!

Gwen said...

Bloody Marys & Mojitos!! Sounds like a great time. :) Do you sell your art somewhere online or just in person?

.Becca. said...

Great pics! I'm super jealous of your trip!

The pics of the grills or "grillz" are hotttt. Nothing does it for me like a sweet, gold grill.

With Love from New Orleans said...

Yay! Your pictures are gorgeous!! I love the courtyard..did you go to Pat O's?

Ashley said...

All I can say is WOW. I've lived here all my life and have never seen New Orleans captured in such beautiful pictures! Those are absolutely amazing!!! Wish you weren't going so far away, I'd get you to take some pics of Baby when it gets here!

Oh, I never made it to get my beignets today... but it's on my to-do list the week!

Mrs. Cup said...

What a great trip! That bloody mary looks so good!

Honey said...

looks like such a fantastic trip!! i can't wait for you to move here and take pictures. your photography is gorgeous.

Allison said...

Great pictures!! Looks like a fabulous trip :)

SassyEngineer said...

It looks like such a fun trip - I wish I could visit New Orleans. I love the photos! You are so talented :)

Rebecca said...

Love the photos! The one of the cathedral and fountain was my favorite. Me roommate is trying to convince to go to New Orleans for our senior trip, but we went to New Orleans together last year. Seeing those photos makes me want to go back.