Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Should Never See This at Breakfast

A man wearing a bathrobe that is. In a restaurant might I add. Sean and I decided to go out to breakfast this morning and hopped on over to DeRidder to enjoy the Waffle Shoppe. Hello French Toast, eggs and bacon! While eating my breakfast I people watched a bit and then saw the man who entered the restaurant wearing a robe, ski cap and sunglasses. Yet he could not manage to put on pants?


Extremely Awkward.

Then there was the smarmy guy who was Sara and I's cashier at Wal-Mart last night. Sara was buying food for Jagger and here's how that convo went.

Him: "Heh, heh, big night at home feeding the cats?"

Me: " the dogs." (Thinking to myself, what a creepster and a jackass for assuming we have nothing better to do then feed our dogs)

Him: "Oh? What kind of dogs?"

Sara: "I have a Pom and she has a Min-Pin."

Him: "Min-Pin's are the worst dogs ever!"

I grab him by his ridiculous blue shirt and punch his lights out for talking bad about my dog.

End Scene. the very last action obviously wasn't true...but I considered it.

The rest of the night was punctuated by these actions.

Boomer and Jagger go out to walk
Boomer and Jagger chase each other around house
Sara and Melissa attempt to open wine with electric bottle opener.
Battery isn't charged enough... it gets stuck.
Boomer and Jagger are still chasing each other.
Sara and Melissa try to open bottle of wine again.
Another failure.
Boomer does number two on Sara's stairs.
Finally the wine is opened with the electric opener, a picture hook and a pair of pliers. Whew.
Enjoy Wine.
Boomer starts humping Jagger and then moves on to a stuffed toy.
I die of embarrassment. About 4 times.

So that's pretty much our evening. Hilarious might I add and I wish I had pics.

A trip to New Orleans might be on the horizon though.


kd said...

Ugh! What is with people?!

DeRidder was my hubby's favorite Army town growing up...I guess that should have been a sign to me! ;)

Erin said...

I am sorry that boomer pooped on the stairs, but it sounds like a hilarious evening!

Um...ewwww...put your pants on, man!

Sara said...

Oh my god, I knew there was an upside to moving to BFE: people watching! I'm not even surprised! How about pot pie for dinner/lunch tomorrow night? I found lavendar at the commissary today.

Tasha said...

Hilarious! I'm totally impressed by your wine bottle opening skills. Way to get creative! That sounds like a pretty entertaining weekend to me.

The Mrs. said...

wouldnt you realize you werent wearing pants as soon as the air hit ya? perplexing.

and the fellow at walmart... well... thats walmart for ya!

Caitlin said...

Gotta love insanely awkward people eh?

Have you seen the show "Dogs 101" on Animal Planet? They showcase four or five breeds. Min-pins were on today...I didn't know they are actually a completely separate breed than Doberman Pinscher!

Allison said...

wow...I guess there wasn't a "no pants, no service" sign on the door...that's unfortunate :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

A bathrobe? Really? (eye-roll)

Sound like a fun and NOT boring evening! And hey... you got the wine open and that's what matters ;)


loquita said...

caitlin beat me to it -- I was also going to ask if you'd seen the Dogs 101 last night where they had Min-Pins. I want one now! But I think I'll get a girl to avoid the humping. :|


Tania said...

I'm sorry, but you had me laughing out loud about your evening....loved the play by play! At least you got the wine bottle open! You two must have been very determined to have wine! ;]

And bathrobes at restaurants? With no pants on?! eeewwwww!!!

Lindsey said...

Haha some people just have no people skills whatsoever!

Ashley said...

AAAhhhh yes, New Orleans! Have you been yet??? Please be careful where you stay. Let me know if you have any questions on Hotels... I can give you some good ones to stay at that are safe :-)

Ashley said...

Iberville Suites takes pets... so does the W and Omni, but they're a little more pricey. Iberville is a block off Canal Street and only about 4 blocks from the river! Great location!!! As far as must-sees... Definitely do breakfast at Cafe du Monde. Take a trolly car ride too... The zoo, aquarium, and imax are pretty cool too if you're into acting like a kid like we are! We're also dorks and love museums, and the D-Day museum is pretty cool... There's some great shopping in the French Quarter and at Canal Place... I'm sure there's a million more things I will think of, and when I do I'll send them to you too!

Jessica Lynn said...

This is too funny! It's great when you have fun with friends breakfast and wine!! & Man it stinks when you have to work that hard to open one wine bottle~ lol I go with the plain old wine opener none of this battery stuff! Too complicated!