Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Morning Shenanigans

It's too bad ya'll weren't at my house this morning, because you really missed out on quite a show.

Let me explain. the mornings while I'm getting ready, Boomer and I like to run around and play. I'll chase him, he chases me, I throw his toy, he fetches. You get the picture. Well this morning I was in our spare bedroom and throw his toy down the hall. I decided to hide from him in the closet. Bad idea. On my way to the closet I step on a bag that had parts from Sean's Class A uniform in it. There just happened to be a large pin that goes on his uniform with two large prongs on the back that are very, very sharp.

Yeah...those went in my foot. All the way in my foot might I add.

Talk about painful. Thank god I have no children so they didn't hear the stream of words that came out of my mouth.

I successfully dripped blood on the carpet on my way to the bathroom to clean up my foot.

Oh..and did I mention this is the same foot that I injured twice last week?

Thanksgiving food is bought as of last night and now I just need to clean up a bit around the house, make a few casseroles tonight so I can just pop them in the oven tomorrow and I'm golden. I'm just praying the turkey turns out well. If it doesn't then I'll just blame it on Sean, since he's the one cooking it.

I hope all of you out there have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Lindsay said...

aww your poor foot!

Those pins are a freaking pain in the butt.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Carleen Huxley said...

Ouch! I can sort of sympathize. Not that I can claim any major piercings but I've bonked my head three times this week. Happy Turkey Day. :-)

Via said...

Oh no! :( Does not sound pleasant!

And you can always blame the man. Even if he only bought it, he bought the wrong one if it turns out bad. If it turns our well, then if was your teaching :D

lala said...

oh. my. gosh. that sounds so painful!!! did you have to pull it out of your foot??? NEVERMIND i don't want to know!!!! gahhhhh...

happy thanksgiving!!!

Allison said...

Yikes!!! What a horrible way to start the day :(

Hope your Thanksgiving is better!!

d.a.r. said...

Oh my gosh that sounds so painful!!!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Ow! That had to hurt!

It always seems that you have to injure your feet in groups of occassions.

Sara said...

Oh my god! Do you ever stop hurting yourself? And that foot! Glad thanksgiving was a hit. Talk to you soon!

Mrs.B said...

ouch! Hope the foot's like new again :)