Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Randoms

-I'm really upset my Oklahoma State Cowboys lost yesterday to Nebraska.
-Went to a chocolate festival yesterday. It was AMAZING. I had Italian hot chocolate for the second time in my life. I may have gained 5 lbs from it alone.
-I finally came up with a Halloween costume! I'm going to be a cop! I had everything I needed for the costume except a hat and my friend visiting from NYC brought that. Now if I could only find a club...
-Fall in this area of Italy means lots of foggy, dreary, rainy days. I'm not a fan.
-Don't forget that tonight at midnight my giveaway fromm fabulous Blue Bird crafting ends. See this post for details!


JG said...

I'm sorry they lost too. Stupid Nebraska. But hey, it's better than losing to Iowa State! :)

JMO said...

Take pictures of your halloween costume! I bet it's going to be so cute!