Friday, July 23, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill In and a Few Other Items of Interest

Ok, before I do the Friday Fill-In over at Wife of a Sailor, I wanted to mention two things.

1. A fellow Mil-Spouse blogger, The Thoughts of HouseHold Six, is having a Scentsy giveaway over at her blog. Click here to check it out.

2. Pioneer Woman is having a photography contest over at her blog and one of my photos got chosen for the first group. To say I'm excited is an understatement. The theme is water and this was my submission:

Ok, without further ado, my Friday Fill-In:

1.Besides the horizontal mambo, what do you miss most when your spouse is deployed?

Oh this is so easy. His cooking. Sean is the best cook and I really miss his cooking when he's gone.

2.What do you miss least?

A few others have said the same thing, but I do not miss the mess. There is ten times more laundry and dishes whenever he is around.

3.You only get three crayons to finish your picture… which three do you choose and why?

Pink, turquoise and yellow. Because they make any picture happy!

4.If you could have your own fragrance, what would it be called?

I'd call it Bubbly. Because I feel like I have a positive, bubbly personality. I'd want it to be a fun and fresh scent.

5.If the shoes make the man (or woman), what do your shoes say about you right now?

Well, I wore peep-toe stilettos to the airport earlier to pick Sean up, so at that point I believe they were saying I was a woman on a mission. ;)


Magnolias and Mimosas said...

Congrats on your photo! Also, I saw you made a comment on another blog that you have Photoshop Elements 8 and there were several online tutorials/lessons. Would you mind sharing where you found them?

KAE said...

found you from the friday fill-in, I am a new follower!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Whoo-hoo! Great job on your photo!!

SS said...

Your photo has me dreaming of vacation.... *sigh*

I love getting fancy to go pick up my man at the airport, that response made me smile.

I'maNolaGirl said...

Based on how fabulous that photo is, I'm by now means surprised it was chosen! Congrats!!!!

Anonymous said...


MooAtU2 said...

Hey, thanks for you comment on my blog. Maybe I should bottle that farm smell, lol.
Oh and I totally saw your photo on PW's website today... the internet sure is a small world!

MooAtU2 said...
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silver star said...

Congrats on your photo getting picked! Men are messy.

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

Great answers! Yes, other people mentioned not missing the mess, but that's definitely one of the top of my list too. And I love the name of your fragrance. You go girl with stilettos. I can't wear 'em, I'm way too clumsy. Guess that's what MY shoes say about me. :)

Jessica Lynn said...

I totally saw that photo and LOVED it - congratulations! That's ridiculously exciting :)