Friday, January 30, 2009

He Calls Me....Muffin Top

Today is soooo much better. For one I'm having a good hair day. Thank God.'s Friday! I do love me some weekends. At this point I'm not really sure why I'm excited because I obviously haven't had a stressful work week...but you get the point.

This morning started off very exciting. Sean had a formation this morning at 5:30, so I set the alarm last night for 4:30 and he set his phone alarm. We awoke this morning to his phone ringing and someone asking him exactly where he was. was 5:25.

I felt bad, but I have NO idea why neither alarm we set went off. Sean was upset because he's new here and it doesn't look good for him to be late. He told me later that this was the first formation he'd ever been late to in his military career.

Later today I'm headed over to Transportation to give them an address to send our household goods and unaccompanied baggage.

Ok..when we were first PCSing they told us our household goods would be there in about 90 days give or take. However, the other day in class some guy told Sean that his took about six months. European gals, please tell me that's a rare case. I don't want it to be July before I get ANY of my stuff. Not to mention I'd have to buy a whole new summer wardrobe, but then again, that doesn't sound too bad. Hmmm....

One more question. Why in the heck do bathtubs in Europe have the shower head in the middle of the tub? I for the life of me cannot figure that out.

That sort of illustrates what I'm referring too, but ours is directly in the middle.

My husband has come up with a new nickname for me and insists on using it, just because he knows I hate it. Ready for it?


Yeah...who here would be flattered by that? My guess is none. I asked him yesterday if he had any idea why I hated it so much. "No...I call you that because I love the top of muffins."

Ladies...he is lying. I told him today in no uncertain terms that if he called me that again I'd have no problem giving him a swift kick you know where.

I'm hoping that solves the problem.

(Ok..and can I just add that I do NOT have muffin tops? Hence my confusion over where this nickname came from)

I'm a little disappointed because I've been to the gym here on-post several times and I have yet to see anyone as freaky as those that were at Ft.Polk. Although, there is a guy that works there that reminds me of Dave Chappelle. He was doing Michael Jackson moves behind the counter today when he thought noone could see him. Little did he know my trained eye picked it up.

Muah ha ha.

So any big plans this weekend ladies? I'm hoping mine FINALLY involves some pictures, although no Florence trip for me. On the bright side Sean is cooking tonight AND I'm going to stop at the shoppette for some wine. I'm going to branch out and try something new.

Have a great weekend!



Lindsay said...

You are obviously WAY nicer than I am. I wouldn't have even warned him before kicking him "you know where". Just swift, immediate punishment.

Glad your days are improving!

Mary Teresa said...

Our goods didn't take longer than 8 weeks. And we hadn't packed them before we left. The MIL sent them for us.

As for the shower head in the bath tub, I have not a clue, but I have heard that they come in handy when pregnant. When you are unwilling to stand in the shower and just want to take a bath. Also helpful when bathing children.

Glad you're liking it in Italy.

THEhooahwife said...

Lol, oh no no no no. There is NO way I would let him get away with that! He'd have an earful!

I do hope your hhg get there quickly! =)

loquita said...

LT is forbidden to use the word "big" around me after he "appended" it to the many nicknames he has for me one too many times. I do not hesitate to give him a good punch when he alludes to any chubby jokes around me!

Hope your gym watching improves, otherwise you will have nothing to amuse you while working out. :-D

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i can't even imagine not having my things for that long. you are such a trooper! and you do not have muffin top and he needs to find something else he loves and call you that!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

Oh my! That long without items? I think it took my brother and sister-in-law 3-4 months to get theirs.

I would have swift kicked him the first time he said it!

Oh, and you are in for the giveaway. I do not care that you live across the ocean :)

Jon and Steph said...

Ok, I still don't understand the showers heads here! Drive me crazy. And as far as muffin top, there's no way you have a muffin top!! lol
Guys don't get it sometimes, you need to give em a swift kick for them to figure it out!

Too funny!
Have a great weekend!

Kebi Cedawna said...

Hmmm an 'exciting' morning? You two crack me up. Anyone who says men aren't as dramatic as women are LYING! :)
I'm excited for the weekend too, even though I was at the apt. on my rear for 3 out of 5 days this week, gotta love these Okie ice storms.
Miss you,

Kebi Cedawna said...

Oh yeah, I'm turning in my Nursing app today! Yaayy! I'll be crossing my fingers til May when they send out acceptance letters.

kd said...

Good hair has the power to change the world.

As for the "muffin top" thing I would actually probably cry. You have a much stiffer lip than me!

I hope you see some freakies at the gym. There is a new one that we have here. It's a body builder lady. It took 4 of us about a week to decidedly confirm she was a woman. She has noooo boobies left. It's very scary. Maybe you should try going at different times? ;)

Abbie said...

90 days for you to get your belongings?!?! I'm going to say many prayers that it gets to you sooner because I know if I were in your shoes, I'd be freaking out!

I'm sure Sean didn't mean to use muffin top in the sense that we would! And with all of the working out you do, I'm sure you don't have one!

Oh, I'm still trying to dig up a picture of Ryan's cousin (the one who looks like your husband). All I have are ones from our wedding but they don't show his face very clearly...I'll see what I can come up with! I'm dying for you to see the resemblence!

SassyEngineer said...

I would be so mad if my husband called me that. I just don't think guys always think about what they say before they say it! I hope your stuff gets there soon :) I would be such a worry wart about it, I'm sure!

indiana.girl said...

If my husband called me muffin top, I'd hit him over the head with a shoe!! I'm not working this weekend, which is exciting; mostly because I worked my butt off all week. My big plans include going shopping!! I need a new purse.

Miss Adventure said...

I don't think men often realize just how mean their comments can actually be. I know my boyfriend makes fun of my compulsive cleaning of the apartment. Its like would you rather it be filthy?

Kristen said...

If that is the first time he was late to formation, then he is doing pretty well. I hope your stuff gets there soon! I wouldn't be too happy about being called muffin top either.

Sarah said...

muffin top!!??? no way, not a good nick name...come up with something insulting for him and say it infront of friends...maybe fruit cake orrrrr fairy baby. somethin like that!

Sarah said...

i meant to put an LOL in there

also- our shipment is supposed to arrive april 23 and we'll send it feb 20 (to germany)

Erin said...

I know what you mean about Fridays. Not that I work, but I still love them anyway :)

Tania said...

Muffin top?! Does he know what that means?! You can retaliate and give him an equally unflattering nickname...and kick him "you know where!" I like Sarah's suggestion of fairy baby! I like sugar lumps too....I just watched some Flight of the Chonchords on youtube. They're hilarious!

Casey said...

The first week we were here, Jordan missed a recall. No stress! They are much more understanding when you are new.

Our HG got here in 8 weeks (luckily, the week we got here since we shipped early), but then the movers weren't available for 4 more weeks. FMO let us borrow furniture until ours came. Our Unaccompanied Baggage arrived a few weeks prior.

Dana said...

Our HHG and UB got here exactly one month to the day after we got to Italy. No worries! Ain't nothin' a little shoppin' can't fix anyway : ) The alarm fiasco happened to us, too. A previous commenter was right; they are very forgiving when you're new. Congrats on the good hair me hope...

Anonymous said...

It took our Household goods about 2 months to get here. Not to bad. It took our car FOREVER tho.

If you would like, I know where there is a really sweet winery not far from Vicenza. Good wine on the super cheap! Also Carnivale is coming up soon!

R1-n-R2 said...

Here's my reason for the showerhead/faucet's center placement: you and your hubby can now take a bath together and no one will have to worry about the faucet being dangerously close to their neck :)

morewineplease said...

Yeah, you are a better woman than me, I would have freaked out too!
Hope you had a great weekend!

Kate said...

I hate showers like that! I always end up missing my body and spraying the bathroom floor