Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Night of 2008!

Well, I don't have much to report on our title. Right now it's being forwarded to the Oklahoma Tax Commission and I'm hoping that we can pick it up Monday on our way to Dallas. However, I'll have to wait until Friday to see if this is possible, since after calling them it appears the Tax Commission takes off New Year's Eve. ::rolls eyes::

Anyway...on to the fun stuff! New Year's Eve!

Since Sean and I are trying to save some money we aren't going out, but we do have a fun evening planned. Currently we are watching the Twilight Zone Marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel. Seriously...the best show ever.

Tonight we are dining on lobster with garlic butter sauce and shrimp and we rented a few movies from Blockbuster today. We got Wall-E, House Bunny and Office Space (since Sean has never seen it).

I already made Andrea's chocolate chip cookies and they are as always, simply amazing!

Yesterday Sean and I headed to Stillwater so I could get my hair cut and highlighted. Usually when I get it done Sean says he can't see any difference, but yesterday he suprised me and said he really liked the change. It's a couple inches shorter and still blonde, but I did have her put a few more lowlights in. Maybe one of these days I'll really change it up.

We ended up watching the Holiday Bowl at a sports bar last night and can I just say I was extremely disappointed in my Oklahoma State Cowboys?

Once we got back to my parents' house we were taken on a tour of the naughty things Boomer had done that day.
1. He tore up an edible Christmas decoration which consisted of two candy canes and three small chocolate bars. He ate the chocolate bars. Don't worry though, he didn't get sick.
2. A puppy pawprint in the peanut butter fudge, which he left on his way to getting the edible Christmas decoration.
3. A whole roll of toilet paper torn up in the bathroom.
4. A chew toy destroyed.

I could tell yesterday when we left he was mad, so I should have guessed he'd take it out on us and destroy things. Oh and in case you are a new reader and don't know of our Min-Pin Boomer, then just let me say that I own one of the naughtiest Min-Pins known to man.

So...what plans do you have for New Year's Eve?

I'll be doing my resolutions tomorrow and asking for yours then, so you better be thinking of some good ones!


lala said...

fingers crossed for your car...

we're not going out tonight either, but we did get outback steakhouse cheese fries this afternoon. that was yummy, and altogether unhealthy.

i forgot to add "become a better photographer" to my things to do in 2009 list...

have fun watching wall-e! that was such a cute movie. i got to watch that at my mom's house on her blue-ray thing and her HD-TV with surround sound. i was very jealous when i left... :) :)

Mrs. Cup said...

Good luck with your car stuff!

Happy New Year!!!

Kiki said...

Whaaa?? He's never seen Office Space???

NewlywedCentral said...

I just *love* car issues :)

Cheers to 2009!! Sounds like yours' is going to be exciting!!