Sunday, December 7, 2008

Busy as a Bee

I wanted to thank everyone who voted on what pictures to enter in the photography contest. After lots of thought I decided on #2, #4 and #8. I'll try to keep you updated if anything comes of that.

How is everyone's weekend going?

Sean and I have had a decent weekend. Friends came over Friday night for some poker, but since I don't play (I just don't get poker) I just hung out and played with the baby.

Saturday brought organization of our unaccompanied baggage and lost of college football. We watched Florida beat Alabama and Oklahoma beat Missouri. I can't say I was suprised with the outcome in either of those games. Sean wants the National Championship to be Oklahoma vs. Texas, but we are thinking it might be Oklahoma vs. Florida. All that will be decided tonight.

Other than that I'm off to get my stitches taken out today and then I'll probably finish some packing that needs to be done. Busy week ahead ladies, so if I'm not blogging or commenting as much, please don't forget about me!

18 Days Until Christmas!


d.a.r. said...

Omg only 18 days left until Christmas?? Eeeeeek!!!!

Sounds like you had a good weekend! We'll forgive you if you disappear for while, it's not like you guys have anything BIG going on :)

.Becca. said...

Yeah, sorry about the football.



Allison said...

I'm with your hubby - OU/UT rematch! Although, I'd want the same outcome as the original game :)

Rebecca said...

I don't get poker either. Hope your busy week goes well!

Jessica said...

We were pretty sad (and that's an understatement) to see Alabama lose.. Ohhh weelll!

Thanks for the comment and I hope your week goes smoothly!

Mrs. Cup said...

Love your choices! I can't believe Christmas is only 18 days away!!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Great picture choices!! I hope you win :)

Weekend here... good. Nothing special but it was nice just relaxing as a family.

Hope you have a great Monday!!


Janie said...

Thanks for the reminder about Christmas...I needed that.

Now, will you come shop for me?

lala said...

i love the picture of chevy chase. christmas vacation is a movie i watch every year with my dad (not my mom) (i'm not sure why that's relevant).

i didn't vote on any pictures (sorry, took a blogging vacation for about 3 days) :), but i love your photography and wanted to tell you that! :) :) hope the stitches don't hurt coming out.