Thursday, December 11, 2008

Final 2 days at Polk

Well, all our stuff is officially packed and out of the house. Hopefully it all makes it to Italy in one piece. No I'm not holding my breath on that one.

After work last night we went to the house to clean.

Can I just say I HATE deep cleaning a house. Quite frankly it sucks and I wish I could just nod my head like Jeannie and it all be clean.

I think most of the deep cleaning is done, minus the carpet cleaning. That I will have to do tonight. I spent last night vaccuming and cleaning the baseboards. Yes...that's right me cleaning the baseboards. In every room.

After cleaning for a few hours last night we went back to our hotel room.

I was all pumped about staying in the Magnolia House on post. It's got great rooms, cute kitchnettes and the beds are comfy.

We are staying in the Cypress Inn, which I guess is an annex of some sort.

Word of Warning: If you ever stay at Fort Polk, avoid the Cypress Inn at all costs.

It's Amenities include:
1. Tiny Shower
2. Uncomfortable bed complete with lumpy pillows
3. Paper thin comforter for a great cold night

I think I slept the best out of the three of us.

I'm really not trying to come off being Miss Complain about everything today. I promise. I'm just ready to go home to Oklahoma. Which we will be doing Friday after I get off work.

Tonight is the final night of cleaning. We have our final inspection Friday morning at ten. Since Sean has to go to work and final out that day Boomer will be coming to work with me. It's ok since Kelly and I will be the only ones in the office.

My boss took all of us to lunch today for my goodbye dinner, which I was grateful for. I had a delish steak and baked potato. Looks like those pesky five lbs I wanted to lose before I went home aren't going to disappear after all.

Oh well...'tis the season to eat lots of goodies!

We got a little bit of snow last night. It was mostly slush on our car, but Baton Rouge got several inches today. Where is this wacky weather coming from? I didn't expect for it to be snowing in Louisiana before we left!

14 Days Until Christmas!


LyndsAU said...

I bet you are so rady to be home to Oklahoma girl. I do not like hotels at all. And cleaning after moving just plain SUCKS! Soon, very soon you will be home! :)
Hopefully all your stuff gets to italy!

With Love from New Orleans said...

Aww we will miss you here in La! But it will be wonderful to get back home! We had a light snow covering.. it definitely stuck which was amazing to me! Covington/North Shore got a looottt more snow than us.

Have safe travels!!

Sara said...

I cannot believe you're leaving me! Ft. Polk is going to be quite lonely. Hopefully I find someone even half as cool as you with whom to hang out my last few months here.

Jessica said...

Good luck with all of your traveling! I'm sure everything will get to you!
Thank you so much for the email. Too sweet!

Liana said...

that sounds awful to be cleaning baseboards haha! hope it gets better!

Lindsey said...

Awww sorry you couldn't sleep much last night. I hate hotels like that!

I bet you are so excited to get back home!!!

THEhooahwife said...

Holy Crap I can't believe it is only 2 weeks until Christmas!!!

Wow, Don't you hate moving out? I love moving in, but absolutely hate the cleaning right before you move out.

Sorry about that crappy hotel. That really sucks!

(And I'm insanely jealous you are going to Italy, that is my dream place to be stationed... oh the fooooood and wineee!!)

~~tonya~~ said...

So sad to see you leaving LA... you must get back to blogging once you get settled in Italy. My 15 yr old is wanting to tour Italy for her senior trip so we may be getting you to get us some info on tours. Have a fun and safe trip home to OK then on to Italy. Make sure to take a little LA with you and if you ever need a taste of LA just email--I'll send you some. Hope to talk soon!!

SassyEngineer said...

I pretty much hate hotel beds. I have watched too many of those stupid 20/20 specials on how they don't clean the sheets, so I now assume they are all that way. I'm the weird girl who travels with my own blankets! I'm usually not that high maintenance, but for some reason hotel beds kind of gross me out. Anyway, I hope tonight is better, and I hope everything makes it to Italy in perfect shape :)

GIRL FROM THE LAND of 10KL said...

You're blog is such a great read! I found it via another blogger. Italy?!? I'm so jealous!

indiana.girl said...

I think you can be excused some conplaining, all things considered! :) I hope things go smoothly for you during your last two days. I'm so excited to hear all about the next stage of your life!

Erin said...

I can't believe you only have two days left! I hope that everything goes smoothly tomorrow for your final out and inspection!

Mrs. Cup said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip home!!!

Melissa said...

Just in case you don't check your comments during all the holiday and moving chaos...

GOOD LUCK with your move!!!


NewlywedCentral said...

Send the genie powers on over! I'm hearin' ya sister -- Glad it's all over with... Many thoughts and blessings to you and your husband during this time and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Mrs. Forever said...

I am so excited for you and your big move to Italy! Enjoy Oklahoma and time with family!

Tania said...

How exciting! I'm sorry you got such a crappy hotel though. Whenever I leave a place, I'm excited for the change, but at the same time, I feel a little sad to be leaving. I'm so jealous for Italy, though! [crosses arms and stomps a foot]

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