Monday, May 10, 2010

Deployment Month 5 In Review

I skipped Month 4 since it was over R&R, but I'm back on track with Month 5!

In Month 5:

-Went to NYC for 5 awesome days

- had budoir pictures taken(I still haven't got the proofs back, but I've been told it will be this week)

-had my last Bible study this past Wednesday. I'm so glad I started going to that. I met some awesome ladies and I think we are even going to do a book club over the summer

-read a ton of books. Since Month 3 I've read: books 3-6 of the Sookie Stack House Books, Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, The Wednesday Sisters- Meg Waite Clayton One Thousand White Women- Jim Fergus, Shanghai Girls- Lisa See, Five Quarters of the Orange-JoAnne Harris, Dear John- Nicholas Sparks,The Ocean Between Us- Susan Wiggs

-went to a baseball game with Sean and my brother while we were at home

-I did slack on exercise while I was home, but I gained no weight and currently I weigh less than when I left. I'm sure some of that is attributed to the fact I lost muscle mass, but whatev. I'm back on track with working out and even added yoga to the mix.

-celebrated my Grandpa's 80th birthday with my family

A couple of pics from Month 5:

This is me with two of my cousins

In front of the Ed Sullivan Theater. I wish we could have gotten tickets, but no dice.


d.a.r. said...

Busy but good month!!!

Expat Girl said...

Another month down woohoo!

Kasey said...

It sounds like it was a fun month!

lola said...

OOOH! fun fun stuff! :) Boudoir pictures are SO much fun. I loved mine!

Roxanne said...

One more down! You're so close to half way. Keep having fun :)

tootie said...

Sounds like a fun month! Loved the pic in front of the Ed Sullivan theater!

Shoshanah said...

I think its fun that in the past month or so I've read basically the same books as you. I also read through book 6 of the Sookie Stackhouse series, twenties girl, and dear john. Funny how that worked out.