Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

1. How do people read while on the treadmill/elliptical.
-I would feel as if I wasn't getting that great of a workout
-I'd fall off whatever machine I was on if I read
2. I hate when people act like they aren't bragging when they really are.
3. I firmly believe in karma. I got the news today that my former boss (who I couldn't stand and was the reason why I quit the USO) got fired. Sweet redemption!
4. I've really, really tried to like The Office and I admit it has funny moments, but overall I just don't get it.
5.I mentioned this on my Facebook, but I'll mention it here too. I just found out that about half of the photos I entered in the Army Photography Contest went to the next level. I'll find out the first week of March if any of mine placed. (I promise this thought does NOT go along with number 2) :)
6.I rented Time Traveler's Wife last night. I hope it's good. Thoughts?
7.I really enjoy the Rachel Ray magazine, even though I'm not a huge fan of her show.
8.I had risotto with truffle shavings the other night. Ah-mazing.

Thoughts brought to you by the letter M for Melissa and Moscato


Julie the Army Wife said...

That is awesome about your photos! I hope you win :)

I LOVE the Time Traveler's wife. It is a very complex story. I loved the book as well.

Riding the Roller Coaster said...

Love your list. Good luck in the photo contest! I don't get the office either. The only reason I even attempt to watch it is because it comes on before 30 Rock. Time Traveler's Wife is on my Netflix list...hope it's good!

J.L.S. said...

Mmm moscato! I'm hoping to rent the Time Traveler's Wife one day really soon. We tried to last weekend but there wasn't a single copy (blu-ray or dvd) in the store.

I don't get the deal with The Office either. I'll just stick to Grey's Anatomy! :)

Expat Girl said...

Good luck with your photos! Ermm Time Travellers Wife was ok, not amazing though in my opinion. Oh and I totally agree with the reading thing in the gym, I would fall on my ass in a second!

Gleatie said...

I can't read on the elliptacle but I used to bring my intouch magazine and just look at the pictures. There is one model of the elliptacle where you are too far away to even look at the pictures though.

stefanie said...

Your first item on the list? I couldn't agree more. What's the point of working out then?!

Good luck with the photo contest!!!

K said...

I don't get The Office either. It's just not funny to me.

Good luck with the contest!

Jessie said...

I don't get "The Office" either!!!!!!

Tasha said...

Congrats on your photos! I read Time Traveler's Wife but haven't watched the movie yet. Let us know what you thought of the movie. :-)

SarahEileen said...

I'm guilty of reading on the treadmill. I can only do it if I'm walking at a relatively low incline. Books are harder to read than magazines and sometimes they're both hard, but sometimes I enjoy it. I'll do anything that makes the time go by quickly and sometimes reading is better than the alternatives.

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Haha, that's so funny, I love the Rachel Ray magazine but I cannot stand her show. She annoys me for some reason.

I want to see the Time Traveler's Wife! Let us know what you think!

Michelle Kwasny said...

I liked the Time Traveler's Wife.

I agree about people reading while working out. I don't get it!

Brittany said...

I have tried to read while working out and it actually gives me a headache and makes me motion sick. But when I need to workout and I have 4 chapters to read I sometimes have no choice (remember the gym is my free childcare).

Congrats on your pictures that is awesome!

Mira said...

I don't get The Office either. My husband loves it. Also, I do not understand how can people read while on the treadmill or elliptical. Good luck with the photos! :)

Emily said...

I don't understand how people read on the treadmill, but I read while on the elliptical. I've been wanting to see or read time travelers wife.. one day.

Heather said...

I have to read when I'm on the treadmill or I just get bored to tears. It helps me break the monotony. :)

I don't get The Office either. Apparently there are a lot of shows/movies I don't get, much to the disappointment of my boyfriend.

Good luck with your pictures!!

Rachael Ray magazine isn't accompanied by her annoying voice.

Jessica said...

Oh man..I love The Office! Well, I think it's going downhill now and is being replaced in my household with Modern Family, but I've always been a fan. I think you have to have a certain sense of humor.. people either love it or don't get it what-so-ever. It reminded me a lot of the office I used to work at.. we all have characters for each other.

I've always wondered the same thing about reading and the treadmill. I've honestly tried to do it, but it just doesn't work. It makes me queasy and I'm lucky I didn't bust my ass.

Congrats on the pics.. good luck for the rest of the way!!

JG said...

I rented it last night too! Going to watch it tonight. I'm curious, because it's both sci-fi and a chick flick, and the sci-fi people I know didn't watch it because it's a chick flick, and the chick flick people I know didn't like it because it's sci-fi. But since I like both, I have high hopes. :)

Tori and Chad said...

I normally do the elliptical as a "my time" where I'm in the zone but somedays, I cheat on the elliptical and I'll read if I'm just not motivated to work out.

I almost always read on the bike and treadmill because I get so bored that I just watching the seconds so I figure reading a magazine or a book is my reward for doing more than just the elliptical since I can't go stuff my face with Snickers bars afterwards.

I didn't like Time Traveler's Wife. There were cool aspects of it - but it's not a movie I'd buy.

Lisa said...

Congrats on your photos! You do such nice work!

Karma exists, and it's so sweet when she comes into play! :)

I can't read on the elliptical or dreadmill. If I'm on either with a magazine I'm just flipping through to keep my mind occupied.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm loving #3 I totally believe in KARMA!

Congrats on your photos!!

Anonymous said...

This was great! I agree with you about people who read while working out, I don't get it. CONGRATS on your photos! That is so wonderful.

The McGriff's said...

I save my reading while working out for the bike... without TV or a magazine the bike can be BORING! And during the time I can work out on Mondays the treadmills are almost always taken.

I have never got the office. I had a friend who played it NON-STOP and loved listening to it while cleaning. I just don't understand.

Time Traveler's Wife was good in my opinion. Make sure you have lots of kleenexes though!!!

Just a Girl said...

I loved The Time Traveler's Wife.

That is awesome about your photos, you're a really talented photographer!

♥ Annie ♥ said...

Aww...this list totally made me smile...a much needed smile for the day. I watched the Time Traveler's Wife this weekend and was surprised by how good it was. I hope you like it :) congrats on the pics too!!

Ashley said...

I loved Time Travelers Wife!

Congrats on your photos you are so talented I'm sure you will do well :)

I too had a crappy boss (understatement)...I found out last night actually the company he owned had to shut it's doors...this fact made me smile, Karma baby Karma!

amy (metz) walker said...

Congratulations on your photos! That's got to be a great feeling...good luck!

I can't read on the treadmill so if I'm dying to have a distraction, I get on the stepmill. I manage to get a good workout in AND read! ;-)

ABW said...

I can't read on the treadmill either. Part of it might be that I can't see the words. Eye doctor in a few weeks. :)

I want to see The Time Traveler's Wife.

I recently subscribed to the RR magazine when Amazon had it as a steal. So far, I love it!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

So excited for you on the photo front! Hope you go all the way!


Jenny said...

I haven’t read the time travelers wife book yet... ( i know, bad librarian, bad) but The movie was good.
a bit confusing when you start to really think about it, but its a good Romanic and maybe, just maybe, if i read the book i'd understand more?

By the way… Im a new reader of your blog, I’m loving it! Im a new blogger as well, I hope I can keep mine as interesting and creative as yours :)