Thursday, February 25, 2010

Melissa in Milano

On Tuesday I headed to Milano with a couple of friends to check out the city. In all honesty it was fun, but the only reason I want to go back to Milan is to see the Last Supper. Other than that, once was enough. It's just not that interesting to me.

The train station in Milan

The Duomo. The 4th largest church in Europe.

Pigeons everywhere! Men try to force birdseed on you to feed the birds, but I wasn't having that. Pigeons are diseased and nasty. So no thank you!

I thought the stained glass windows were the best thing about the Duomo. They are gorgeous and numerous.

Inside the shopping promenade.

Random idea why they were here.

My friend Dana and I with the snails

Ok...the guy on the left was our guide for the day: Claudio. His parents own a restaurant in our town that my friend frequents. He's a carbineri(sort of a military policeman) in Milan and agreed to be our guide for the day. He was AWESOME! Not only did he show us around Milan, but he insisted on buying us things like Nutella crepes and hot chocolate. He also saved me from a very embarassing fall on a tram by grabbing me at the last second. So..for all you ladies who out there who are single come meet Claudio! He's available. :)

I'm not sure why this Geisha statue was there, but it made for a nice picture.

Italians on bumper cars are brutal!!! I'm talking they go all out trying to smash into you. Melissa's Tip of the Day: Never ride bumper cars in Italy


JG said...

Beautiful pics, as always! Did you get to see The Last Supper this trip, or not?

Allison said...

Nice pics!

And I agree: pigeons = flying rats.

kd said...

cute pics!! We need to get our planning on soon, sistah!

Tori and Chad said...

I was also going to comment that pigeons are the rodents of the sky.

ABW said...

Those are some great shots!

Via said...

love the duomo picture!

Lisa said...

Looks like an awesome trip! Such gorgeous places to visit in Italy! I'd love to go someday!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Great pictures! I agree, there's no way I'd feed those diseased creatures.

♥ Annie ♥ said...

The pink snails are fantastic!! Your pics are amazing!! said...

Oh,I loved Milan! Il Duomo!Did you to the top? It's been so long but I just had a great visit there.
Was really great to see the pictures.