Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Did You Know?

I'm completely helpless when it comes to interior decorating. Seriously...I couldn't decorate my house to save my life. This my friends is a problem.

I've never broken a bone in my life. (Knock on wood)

I was born and raised on a small cattle ranch. Raising cattle helped pay for my first two and a half years of college.

My biggest fear is going over a bridge or flood water in a car and being trapped. Just the thought terrifies me.

I don't consider myself a girly girl, yet I love clothes, make-up and the color pink.

I'd rather do weights than cardio

Know-it-all people annoy the crap out of me

I think it's odd that I have blonde hair and hazel eyes. Somehow I feel as if I should have blue eyes.

I can't get into Grey's Anatomy for the life of me. I tried once.

If everyone else jumps on a trend, it makes me NOT want to jump on that trend. Case in point: Everyone is now buying Vera Bradley bags at the PX. I think they are cute, but don't want to carry something everyone else has.

Hot pink is my fave color to paint my toenails

Due to a food-poisoning incident from my childhood, I refuse to eat Lunchables. Even the sight of them makes me gag.

I've known one of my best friends since the eighth grade. We bonded over a mutual crush

Sean is one of the funniest people I know. He's got this really dry sense of humor and there are a few times where I've laughed so hard I've cried

You will never see me wear Crocs. Yes, I'm sure they are comfortable, but they are UGLY! (However I do not judge you if you wear them)

I'm obsessed with Ansel Adams. One of these days I've sworn to myself that I'll buy one of his original photographs.

The coolest military gals I've met have been off Blogger. I hope to meet more of you in the future!


kd said...

All very interesting! Lunchables are some of the worst possible food--don't blame you for gagging!

d.a.r. said...

Hmm we have lots in common!! I hate know-it-all people, especially when they are condescending. Lunchables completely freak me out, is any of the food in there REAL? I hate trendy stuff like Lilly Pulitzer and Vera Bradley. Crocs look cute on 3 year olds and that is about it.

Cool list!!

MRS Jen McNeil said...

im right there with you with makeup clothes and pink!!! i hate to break it to you missy( hahha not really) but you are indeed a girly girl! LOL! Its soooo great to wear the title! ")

Fidgeting Gidget said...

I like posts like these....keep them coming! :)

Via said...

Ansel Adams makes me swoon. I loved his Manzanar shoot! And Crocs...I had a pair of them once, and they are not even slightly comfortable. And they are ugly, expensive, and styrofoam. Down with the crocs!

Abbie said...

Crocs are super ugly...yet I'm guilty of owning 2 pairs! They are the perfect shoes for gardening!

And I'm bummed about Vera Bradley, I've been getting her stuff for the past 10 years and all of the sudden it's becoming super trendy. Ick!

SS said...

I love reading random info about people.... yay for the post!

On a side note, yesterday could have been "oo-de-lally oo-de-lally golly what a day" Probably the only Disney movie I can watch over and over and not go insane.

I don't like them in general, but orange Crocs on my Granny are adorable. Her gardening shoes. She gets a pass. ;-)

. Becca . said...

Agreed on the cool military girls!

And EWWWW. Lunchables! I'd rather Noah starve than give him that. Ugh, gross! Lol!

Casey said...

I wear CUTE crocs. Croc ballet flats, croc mary janes, and dressy crocs. I will change your mind :)

I have one Vera B bag for travel, but that's it. Last week I saw an entire family (6 ladies) with the bags. They were all very big ladies with very tiny bags. Ugh.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

i love this post! def hate know it all people and not one for following a new trend and buying what everybody else has=) this was so fun to read!

Lindsay said...

ummm...seriously. Stop freaking me out. I'm concerned that we were seperated at birth.
1. I HATE lunchables- the thought of those little meat pieces makes me gag.
2. CROCS- gag- enough said
3. Vera Bradley - gag- enough said
4. Weights>cardio I totally agree. Running sucks.
5. Ansel Adams= awesome.
6. Cows. Well...I don't have anything for this but I'm from Iowa so thats sort of similar, right? Plains States Forever!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

I am SO with you on Crocs! But I do make fun of people who wear them...Casey.

mewok said...

I totally agree with the last one! Sometimes i feel like the milspouse bloggers have gotten me through A LOT during this deployment! I say reunion sometime in the near future!

Kiki said...

I think Crocs are ugly too and vowed never to let Fuzz wear them, but Stryker bought her a pair....

Shoshanah said...

I refuse to wear crocs too

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I agree Crocs are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen!!!

Golfer's Wifey said...

I am right there with you....From the not being a girly girl but liking makeup, pink, etc., to hating the trend setting. I never understood the Vera Bradley fad. Cool post!

Lisa said...

I'm with you on the Crocs! I literally danced around the office the day I found out we weren't carrying them in my company anymore!

And I hate know-it-alls too! The downside to working in the outdoor industry is having customers who come in to test my knowledge when they know more than I do. It's obnoxious! If you know the answer, don't ask me and make me feel dumb!

Lisa said...
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Jon and Steph said...

I loved reading these! We are a lot alike, I am not a girly girl, though I do like to shop, etc. I am the same when something is the rage, I'd prefer not having it.

Oh and Jon works with a know it all, I just want to strangle him!!! ARGH

Fun post!

lola said...

The fact that they sell Vera Bradley at the PX cracks me up.

I hate crocs too. My husband bought a pair of the "classy" crocs -- they have leather trim and whatnot and I just laughed. It's like polishing a turd.

Gleatie said...

HEY! I like crocs! But simply because I can be very lazy and they are super easy to put on! I'll make sure to wear mine whenever you come to visit Germany! And, I will also carry my Vera Bradley luggage! In all fairness, I have had it since college so don't I count as one of those people who liked it WAY before it got so cool (again)?? I would never eat a lunchable even though it has never given me food poisoning because I am almost positive that it would! Pink is my favorite color! love it.

bearer of three said...

Ive never eaten lunchables they just look nasty...I am not a girly girl either but loooovvveee pink and clothes but not really into make up...crocs??? well ive never own a pair and i think they look cute on small feet....great read