Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Snippets

I'm back after a very busy week!

Our trip to Seville was amazing. If it works out that is our last trip while we are in Europe, I'll be happy with that because we had such a great time. I told Sean after coming back that I really wish there was an Army post in Spain, because I'd try to live there. Hopefully I'll have pictures edited from the trip to share with you soon.

I had the opportunity in the last week to meet two awesome bloggers. I've been very excited for months because I knew Annie from Blonde Glambition was moving to Italy and I've got to spend a lot of time with her this past week. She's just even more awesome in person than she seems in her blog. We went to Carnevale this week and met up with another blogger, Jess from Jessica Lynn Writes. I've been wanting to meet up with Jess since she moved here in September, so it was fun to actually get to meet her after all this time. It's been so nice meeting new people and just enjoying time with some great girls. I'll have to put up pictures from Carnevale sometime soon too.

I'm finally getting back in the groove of working out. I've done spin, power pump and yoga this week. I'm hoping to add some more workouts to the mix this next week. The only downside was I pulled a trapezius muscle in my back sometime during yoga this week and I've been trying to get over it. I've pulled it once before and it makes laughing or swallowing very painful. I suppose this is my body getting old and quite frankly, it sucks.

It's finally getting a little bit warmer here in Italy. This is the first winter since I've been here that it's been so cold for so long. It hit the 60's this week and I'm hoping it stays this way so I can start tanning. I've already been scouting out bikinis on Old Navy and Victoria Secret.

I just found out this week that my cousin is engaged and getting married in June. This means there are now two weddings in June that I really want to be at (especially since I'm the photographer at one of them). Still no word on when we leave Italy. I'll be fine as long as I get home by June. Although I'm thinking it'll be April or May when we move. Supposedly we are supposed to find out soon where and when we will be leaving.


Angie said...

I am so envious that you are living in Europe. My husband is Navy, so the chances of living in Europe are very slim.

I hope your muscle heals quickly! I just recovered from a strained trapezius. I am pretty sure it was from the Insanity workout. Getting old is not fun.

Natalia said...

Looking forward to Seville photos! We were going to go to Seville on our Honeymoon last September but friends got married and we PCS'd....someday we'll make it!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such an amazing time in Seville! I'll have to add it to my travel list :) I hope you heal up soon, and enjoy every day you have left in Italia!!