Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fashion Faves

In a few weeks I'll be doing some of my favorite fashions I've seen for spring, but for now I want to share some of my favorite fashion purchases in the last few months.

Some of you might remember me mentioning in this post how I've been buying clothes off Ebay. Honestly, in the last few months that's where I've been buying a ton of my clothes. I've found some really great deals on there and wanted to share them.

Item #1

I actually just bought this on Ebay yesterday. I love to wear yellow in the summer when I'm tan, because it goes well with my complexion and hair. Now I also have the perfect pair of yellow wedges to go with it, so I'm all set.

Item #2

This is probably my favorite item that I've bought the last few months because it goes with everything. It's Old Navy and I got it for super cheap. It's awesome with jeans and a cardigan and I'm sure it'll be great with shorts or a skirt come summertime.

Item #3

Speaking of cardigans, my favorite cardigans are from Target. They are Merona brand and the 3/4 length is great. I have the cardigan in two colors and wish I'd bought more. They are that great.

Item #4

I bought this shirt in anticipation of spring/summer. I love lightweight t-shirts for warmer weather and although this shirt is really simple, it really appealed to me.

Item #5

Several months ago I asked my readers about jeggings. A few of you mentioned Old Navy's Rock Star jeggings. So when I was home for Christmas, I popped by Old Navy to try on a pair. Instant Love! Not only are these flattering on me when I wear them with boots, but they also look great with stilettos. I never thought I'd be able to wear skinny jeans with stilettos and not look ridiculous, but with these jeggings, I'm able to do so.

Item #6

There are some basics that I feel like I need in my closet. I've been searching for awhile for the perfect 3/4 sleeve, white, button-down shirt. Usually I'd try one on, I wouldn't like it or it was more than I wanted to pay for a basic shirt. Finally I found this one on Ebay and fell in love. I always imagine me wearing it in the summer with a pair of shorts and a cute pair of sandals like in this outfit (just subbing out the jeans)

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Jessica Lynn said...

Love that first dress! I'm trying to wear dresses more, so I need to start looking for more. I have that Old Navy top in blue and I love it!