Monday, February 28, 2011

Question of the Day

Inspired by a debate on a forum I frequent:

What do you think of programs like "Your Baby Can Read"?

Does it have merit? Do you believe it works? Or do you think it's a load of crap and a waste of time?

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Jeannette said...

I have that one and since my son can't talk yet I have no idea if it works... but he LOVES watching it and when he's throwing a fit I don't really care if he's learning to read so long as he can calm himself down lol.

Although, yesterday he clapped when the word clap came on the screen. Maybe it is working. I don't think sitting him in front of it will work, but maybe it's helping when we go over the words with him on the cards. If it had been full price I wouldn't have spent the money on it though.

Michelle A'etonu said...

i bought the your baby can read from babies r us for about the third of the price than you would on tv. really, you can't expect to sit your kid in front of the tv and have it work. you have to be interactive with her while she watches it and use the cards and books to reinforce what she watches. our daughter turns 7 months in a week. we started a month ago and we know she recognizes the words, as she will open her mouth wide when she sees/hears the word mouth. and she'll clap when she hears/sees clap. whenever we turn on the video, she starts screaming excitedly and we're so glad that it elicits that kind of response. so i say go for it....something is better than nothing!

Doris said...

I have various learning dvds. For my two year old. I did download a copy of your baby can read and I found it to be really similar to other dvds we already owned that taught, numbers, letters and word recognition and such.

I think they do work. My child is 2 and she has a huge vocabulary and recognize all her abc's, sings the song, if we draw them in and out of sequence she recognize the letters, can count up to 20, knows all her shapes/colors..and lots more.

I don't believe that the dvds should be the only kind of preschool your child gets. we do lot of stuff sing songs, read books, have drawing time etc etc.

I think a combination of lots of things will help.

Bottom line I don't think they are bad. I do believe that most of the programs/dvds targeted at preschool learing do help. But I would not pay the advertised price for Your Baby Can Read program. Not at all.

Adrienne said...

Very interesting responses! :) Glad to hear about these kinds of things for my (very far away in the) future kid! :)

Tori and Chad said...

Ummmm, what forums are you hangin' out on missy?

I might buy it someday. I've seen it featured on the Today show and it seems to work. But on the other hand, I was reading at age four so why rush it?

Megan said...

I'm currently researching the options myself! :)

Prim said...

I never tried it with my son. I had him nearly 6 years ago though and I honestly don't even remember this program existing. If it were like >$50 I might give it a try.

Dana said...

I'm not familiar with the DVD's, but seriously, no DVD can take the place of a parent interacting with a child. Ever. Turn off the TV and just interact . . . . that's what babies and toddlers need. Talk, read a book, build a castle, sing a song, play . . . DVD watching is one-way communication and does not benefit babies or toddlers. I am not suggesting that it is necessarily a "bad" thing; occasional use of DVD's as babysitters won't ruing a child. It should not be mistaken for being beneficial. It just isn't.