Monday, January 17, 2011

The Best Blanket EVER!

Last year while Sean was deployed, I sent him a blanket from JCPenney. I wasn't aware of its awesomeness, until it got sent home with his stuff. I almost trashed it because it smelled like man and Afghanistan, but I thought I'd wash it and see if the smell went away. It did (Thank God) and now we fight over who gets to use this blanket.

It's warm, cozy and all around perfect. They have a lot of different colors of them and currently they are on sale at JCPenney from $19.99-$26.99. I'm thinking about ordering a few more just because I love them so much.

Here's the link.

I also have a tip for all you blogger ladies out there, I was on post today looking like crap with no make-up (I never do that, I only did today because we were working out and I thought we weren't going anywhere else but the track) and I happened to run into two fellow Mil-Spouse bloggers. Talk about NOT putting my best foot forward. Of all the days for me not to wear make-up... So take it from me! Be prepared! You never know who you might run into.


tootie said...

Sounds comfy!!

I know what you mean about the running into someone. I went to the grocery store in the morning sans-make-up and sans shower (gross, I know), and I ran into 3 people I knew! Whoops.

Dana said...

Pssh. Whatever. We meet for coffee when neither of us have our faces on and I think you look perfectly fine!

Sara said...

Love love love JCP blanets, sheets, everything :) I actually just sent new sheets and a blanket to my hubby. At least his bed will feel like home :)

The Longs in Italy.... said...

I honestly was to worried about you thinking we were weirdos! I thought you looked just fine! I am so glad it was actually you and will let you know the next time I come that way so maybe we can have lunch!

Becca said...

We have a slew of those hideously patterned, but sooooo very warm thick blankets the guys get from deployments. I've never seen them sold anywhere that a normal civilian could buy one. We've got a dragon one, an insane floral, an American flag one, a dolphin one, and so on. They are ugly but the best for snuggling under.

I get rather tired of always having to look decent for going on post. But it's a law that when you go in your stretched out Old Navy sweats, hair in a twisty, and no makeup, that's when you run into people you really would rather not see you that way. I swear, post is like high school all too often.

Thanks for the link you sent!

Lisa said...

P took the blanket we nicknamed "the good blanket" with him to Iraq. He washed it and now I wrap up in it when sitting in his recliner.

I love a good cozy blanket. I need one for my place, but it'll get covered in cat hair in no time!

Doris said...

LOL. Girl Like Mel said we were actually more worried you would think we were crazy people for saying hello because we happen to read your blog. YOu looked like any normal person. And we both gushed at how long and pretty your hair was. lol

I am sure we will be going back soon at least to the nove area. We pretty much made the hour and half drive for Charlies. LOL

Have you been over here to Aviano?

Tori and Chad said...

Our roommate has one and I am always breaking into his room and stealing it. Seriously.