Friday, December 4, 2009

Weight Frustration

I'm having a girly "I'm depressed about my weight" day today.

To explain, I'll be the first to say that since Sean got back from Germany at the end of September I haven't been doing well watching what I've been eating or exercising as much as I had been. Somehow, my weight was maintained and no negative effects came from it.

However, today when I got on the scale it appears that it's caught up with me. In two weeks I've gained about 4-5lbs. My clothes don't fit differently and I've reguarly been eating well and working out for the past two weeks.

Sean says it's muscle. I'm not sure if I believe I put on that much muscle in 2 weeks. My only other thought is it's water weight for what's going to happen in a week or two.

I know people always say you shouldn't worry about what the scale says, but I can't help feeling defeated. I just don't want all the hard work I did previously to lose weight to be all for nothing.


J.L.S. said...

It is possible that it is a combination of everything, a little water weight, a little muscle, a little holiday eating. You have to remember muscle weighs more than fat but, once you build the muscle it will "eat" the fat. Also, whenever I first start working out after a break, I always gain a few lbs. It will balance back out soon! Try not to get too upset over it. Just keep doing what you are doing, and you will get back to where you were!

Sara said...

Yeah I'm with JLS. And if your clothes aren't fitting differently then you have nothing to worry about. You're back on track with working out and eating better. And if you weight train, really weight train, then you will weigh more than the average girl. No one would ever guess my weight and KD feels the same way about her weight. It's hard not to care though. I still sometimes wish I just was back at the weight I was comfortable at. Or atleast when I'm not knocked up.

Via said...

I had that day yesterday. So I went and spent $60 at the grocery store JUST on "healthy" foods because I had decided we didn't have enough.

And then we had Arby's for dinner.

stefanie said...

I was writing a similar post a couple weeks ago. As long as you feel comfortable with yourself, i wouldn't worry about the number.

I gained over 10 lbs ever since my husband got back from deployment last year. I don't feel different and my clothes still fit me. So I am okay with it right now.

Mrs. Potts said...

A little water weight, a little holiday eating.

I've got to point one thing out (& please don't take this the wrong way J.L.S. - I'm not trying to come across badly if it does) - a pound of muscle weighs as much as a pound of fat. You could have gained some muscle, but not lost any fat & that could be where the gain came from.

If you weighed yourself soon after you worked out, your muscles do swell & you tend to retain a little water (plus you probably drink a little more water while exercising) so you may have had a different number than normal.

I agree with everyone else, how your clothes fit are what is really important!

Patience said...

I am with JLS and Sara. You recognize that the scale has tipped so now you are conscience about it and will get back on track. I always hate this time of year because there are so many temptations. If your clothes fit, then I am convinced it is the mixture of water weight, muscle and some grazing.

Young Mom/Wife said...

A lot of times when you are stressed, or near the "happy fun time" your body doesn't always cooperate while you are working out. I also totally agree with JLS and Sara, your body will gain weight while transitioning from muscle to fat before things work themselves out. Don't get discouraged! Keep up the good work.