Friday, January 25, 2008

TGIF? Not really

Today's Friday and I was really looking forward to it. Mainly because Sean has been gone since Tuesday for funeral detail in Mississippi and he was supposed to be back later tonight.

He called me this morning and said they were going to stay in Louisiana tonight because they had a funeral to do tomorrow, so they won't be back until Saturday sometime. I'm disappointed. I was so ready to get to spend some time with him and that went right out the window. Obviously I'm not mad at him or anything, just a little bit sad that I'm going to be starting the weekend on my own.

I should be able to get in some good reading though. I checked out The Great Deluge by Douglas Brinkley from the library the other day and I just love it. I had started reading it last year, but never finished it. Now I started back at the beginning and I'm making good progress through it. If you are interested in Hurricane Katrina at all you should really check it out. It's very in-depth and discusses not only New Orleans, but also the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It also talks about what happened before, during and after the hurricane. It's one of the best non-fiction books I've read lately.

Other than reading I've watched a lot of TV and let me just say in the last year that I didn't have cable, I've sincerely missed all my favorite reality shows. Everytime reruns of America's Next Top Model episodes come on MTV I have to watch. It's pure addiction. Sure I get tired of Tyra Banks having to one-up the girls everytime one of them has a crisis, but my favorite parts are always the photoshoots. I love seeing what their pictures look like. Plus, there's always the mute button to shut up Tyra. I'm really enjoying the Snoop Dogg Fatherhood show on E! also. It's funny to see what he's like with his family. Today's episode involved Snoop Dogg getting some training for his delinquent dogs. Too funny!

I don't want everyone out there to think watching TV and reading is all I do. I have been job searching as well. I actually had an interview at a car delearship yesterday to be their Internet Department Director. The job sounded interesting, but very involved. I also had the corporate office of Picerene Military Housing call me and talk to me about my resume and a job I had applied for on their website. Both jobs have salaries where I would be making more than I have ever made at a job. Needless to say I'm excited about a new job.

So, I'm in the library computer lab right now and there is a small child wailing in here. This child's mother insists on repeatedly telling her child to, " sit back in the chair and be quiet." Alright.....if your child is crying in the LIBRARY then take it outside for the love of GOD!!!! I don't want to hear your child crying for ten minutes just because you want to get on Yahoo Messenger and chat with your hoochies. ARGH! People are so rude.
Well folks, I have a few errands to run so I'm going to jet out of here, have a good weekend!

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