Monday, December 3, 2007

December to Remember

December this year is going to be absolutley crazy. In a good way though.

Here is a small sampling of what I have to do this month

1. Finish buying Christmas gifts. I started earlier this year then I did last year, but I'm still nowhere close to being done. I still have a large amount of gifts that I still need to buy.

2. I am working at Sears from 7-5 for the next couple of weeks due to the holiday hours. I'm praying the amount of grumpy customers will be at a minimum.

3. I need to go get my car's oil changed as well as the fluid levels checked and possibly get a new fuel filter on it. I really should get it aligned as well, but I really can't afford that right now.

4. I need to get my hair highlighted sometime in the next week or so in order for it to look good for the wedding. I want to give it a couple of weeks to adjust. I just feel like my hair looks better after it's been highlighted for a few weeks.

5. The 20th I am picking up Sean in Louisiana, as that is when his block leave starts. We are then coming back up to Oklahoma to spend Christmas with the family. This will only be the second time he's met my family so I am praying that it all goes well.

6. After Christmas it's only 4 days until our wedding. I'm going to be super busy getting stuff ready for that. It's so overwhelming at times, all that goes into a wedding. Sometimes I wish I could afford a wedding planner to do it for me, but then I think some of the fun goes out of it.

7. After the wedding we will be packing up my apartment and I will be moving to Louisiana. I told the apartment office today I would be out by the 3rd of January which gives me about 4 days to get everything together after the wedding.

Just thinking of all the things I need to do blows my mind!

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