Monday, December 17, 2007

Crunch Time

It's getting down the last days before my wedding, well techincally my second wedding. I obviously count the first since I consider July 5th to be my anniversary, but this one is more of the actual ceremony.

Anyway, while I was at work today I made a list of everything I still had to pay for and buy for this wedding and it really worried me. Sean and I are pretty low on money. We are young, newly married and neither of us makes that much money. Christmas is just around the corner and we still have people to buy for, plus move and do this whole wedding thing.

For a wedding we are still coming in relatively cheap. Under $2500 is my guess and that just amazes me with everything we are doing.

I know it will all work out wonderfully and the day will be so special for Sean and I and all the special people that are going to share it with us. I'm just a worrier and so I worry about the details of my life.

Tonight is my last night to work at the library. The staff got me a going away card and cake. I'm not shedding any tears though, even though I will miss my co-workers. I know the waterworks won't start until I say goodbye to my close friends and family. What makes it all worthwhile though will be the fact that I'm finally going to be able to live with Sean. Five months of being married and not even being able to live together is trying. We've certaintly had our share of tough times in the months we've been apart.

I'm so excited to start out life together, but also very nervous. I know it's going to be an adjustment for the both of us, just like it is with every married couple. I just want to enjoy each day that we are together and grow closer as a couple.

I think before the wedding I may sit down and write him a letter of everything I hope and want for us. Then maybe I should give it to him on our first anniversary this July. To see how far we've come in those few months.

I am more than ready for this new adventure in my life. Bring it on!

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ABW said...

I hope that the wedding goes off without a hitch and you are with Sean soon!