Sunday, April 6, 2014

Baby Talk: Let's Talk Registries

I swore when I wasn't pregnant, that once I was, I wouldn't blog all the time about pregnancy and baby related stuff, but as you can see that went straight out the window.

However, I really do want all of my blog readers expert opinions on what you think are must-have items for your registry or really great gifts you've given to expectant mothers.

I've actually done a lot of research on what should go on a registry, starting with AlphaMom's suggestions and going from there. However, nothing beats real advice from people you know and trust.  I have registries on, Target and Wal-Mart, but since my baby shower is coming up in late May, I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed on there before people started buying gifts.

I've already been buying some items for Baby P on Craigslist and second-hand, because I wanted specific items and when I found a good deal, I didn't pass it up.

I already have:

Davinci Emily crib
Changing Table
Snuggabunny swing
Chicco Keyfit Carseat with extra base
Prince Lionheart wipe warmer (it was free, how could I say no?)
Puj Tub
Primo Tub
Halo Sleepsacks
Miracle Blanket
Aden +Anais swaddle blankets
Sleep Sheep
Clothes in Various sizes
Boone grass Bottle Dryer

So let's hear it, what do you recommend I don't leave off my registry?


Brittney Liann said...

You definitely want to put diapers on there, I know it seems obvious but you wouldn't believe how many they go through in the newbron phase. ;) I'd also suggest a stroller, a pack n play (they come in very handy if your traveling or just visiting a friend for a few hours) and definitely an ergonomic baby carrier or wrap. The moby's are awesome when they are newborns and the ergo, boba, beco or tula carriers are all known to be great for when they are a little bigger and can be used well into toddlerhood. Good luck and congrats! :)

Jessica Lynn said...

Ditto to the pack 'n play and baby carriers (loved the moby when she was a newborn, and now that she's bigger, I love the ergo). I'd highly suggest "test driving" strollers, or at least go check some out, because they're all different.

Some more things I loved with a newborn: a yoga ball (you'll be tired of bouncing at 3 am, that thing will be a lifesaver), pacifier holders (amazing how those suckers get lost so easily), white noise machine, a boppy (I didn't particularly like it, but I'm glad I had it), oh, and ziplock bags (seriously, invest in them)!

P.S. I hate when people leave links to their own blog in comments, but here's my top 10 favorites for newborns (there may be more suggestions in the comments): and

Shoshanah said...

So I may not be pregnant, but I am a little obsessed with, so I have my fair share of opinions.

I'd definitely say Aiden & Anais blankets which you already have. But I've also heard great things abour Rock N Plays, and also that some cloth diaper pre-folds work great as burp clothes. But as for baby shower gifts, besides books because it's me, I also like gifting a Sophie.

Erica said...

Don't waste your time registering for clothes and toys. People will buy you plenty of that anyway. Try to think of things you'll need for beyond the infant stage. Ask for gear such as a changing pad and covers, baby gates, outlet covers, toddler feeding spoons, bowls, sippy cups, molded plastic bibs, dishwasher basket, high chair, bathing supplies (towels, washcloths, soaps), Boppy (or similar), diaper pail, mirrors for in the car, humidifier, Nose Frida, nail clippers. The Ergo + infant insert is awesome and the Rock n Play is super portable, which I love.

It can be totally overwhelming and it's ok if you register for and receive something and then realize it's not the best product for you. Make sure the places you register at will allow you to return something on your registry even if you don't have a gift receipt. It will save you a ton of time and headaches if they do!

Good luck!

Angie said...

I agree with Erica! People will want to give you cute clothes and toys, but also put some of the stuff they will need when they are older. All those little things add up quickly. Also, a carrier or wrap. I used, and still use, the Ergo. I wasn't a fan of it for an infant, but with older babies it is great. I can carry my almost 4 year old with it.

JG said...

"I swore when I wasn't pregnant, that once I was, I wouldn't blog all the time about pregnancy and baby related stuff, but as you can see that went straight out the window." Same here, and guilty! Haha

So I had a shower last month, and I'm very glad I didn't register for any toys. Still got a couple, and who knows when/if I'll break them out. But right now I don't have to find places for them or keep the dogs away from them.

We registered for things like a humidifier (got 2), carrier (got the fancy one but I still think I want a simple sling-like one for around the house), temple thermometer (one of my favorite gadgets - and got it), that kind of stuff. I DID register for clothes because, honestly, I wanted people to see my style rather than get me random things I knew I wouldn't like. I wanted sleep sacks and gowns, not contraptions with 15 snaps I have to fumble with at 3 AM, for example. Or kimono-style onesies rather than the "over-the-head" designs, to alleviate daddy-stress about dressing the child :)

And butt ruffles. I went ahead and put a bunch of butt ruffles on there. Because, I can't help myself.

The best advice I was given for registering has already been said - register for a child UP TO a year old. So, I had nursing pads AND bottles AND toddler spoons. Got em.

And I did NOT register for diapers, and still got a bunch. The main reason I didn't, was because I didn't want people thinking I wanted a specific brand/style, and only getting those, when I don't yet know which will fit my baby best, will she have sensitive skin, etc. However, I've since been told that you can take diapers to Walmart and exchange them for others of either the same brand or the same size (can't remember which) without a receipt. So, maybe that's not really an issue. But if you wanted to do a word-of-mouth "gift cards for diapers are appreciated" I think that's good, too.

Eve said...

You already have some of the things on my list like the snugabunny swing and A+A wraps. One thing I wish I had registered for is a baby food maker if you plan on pureeing food. I planned on doing BLW, but that did not work for my baby. So, I've been wishing I had one of those cool steam and puree all in one machines. I just did a post about my top 10 baby things from 0-6 months.

Mrs. F said...

Here's a link to the stuff I didn't register for or buy! And I have lists of great stuff that worked for us on my blog too, under Gear Guides.

Hope that helps, baby stuff is so overwhelming!

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