Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I like to try to do updates about every month or so, just to catch my readers up on what's going on with me (pregnancy and otherwise).


As of tomorrow I'll have been at my job for a year. I'm enjoying it and I've had some great experiences so far, but I'm hoping for a raise and adding to my responsibilities at work in the second year.

The first anniversary of the Woody Guthrie Center (where I work) is coming up at the end of this month and we are celebrating with live music, programs (even Hanson will be doing a program, since their studio is right down the street) and opening a new photography exhibit about Bruce Springsteen. My official assignment for the anniversary weekend is simply to walk (or waddle) around and take photos of all that is going on. Now that is a job I can handle.


In June of this year, we'll have lived in our home for a year. We haven't really done any improvements to the house so far and honestly it doesn't need that much improvement, just some customizing to make it more of our own home. So far, we've only painted one room (the nursery) and we have plans to update the yard and get the pool running this summer. I'm not looking forward to messing with the pool, it was a pain in the butt last year and I don't relish the thought of messing with it again this year.

This weekend Sean and his dad were up in our attic trying to hook up an antenna to the cables in the attic. Imagine my surprise and then anger when a foot comes crashing through my kitchen ceiling. Yeah, Sean fell off a beam in the attic and his foot went through the drywall. To say I was angry is putting it mildly. I may or may not have been mad the entire rest of the day and then had an ugly cry.


Baby P is doing well. She's growing like a weed (she was 3 lbs, 6 oz at my last appointment) and I have another appointment this Thursday. The doctor says she looks perfect and she is constantly moving around inside the womb. She can't really do the hard kicks she was doing anymore since she's running out of room, but that doesn't stop her from rolling around and doing what feels like kneading my belly from the inside. It's a pretty freaky feeling. I'm to the point now where I know where she's located inside and I will press down on her butt (which either she doesn't like or likes the interaction) and she'll kick and flutter. It's endlessly amusing to me. I have my maternity photos at the end of April, my baby shower in late May and I'm still getting her nursery set-up. Sean has painted the nursery, we put the crib together and now we just have to finish paining the changing table and nightstand and getting other little things like artwork off of Etsy, a lamp shade and a new slipcover for the rocker and ottoman I bought second hand. I still feel like there is a ton to do, but time is quickly running out and I know she'll be here whether the nursery is ready or not. I don't have my hospital bag packed yet, but I have taken a labor and delivery class, which after going I decided that I'd rather the stork just drop off my baby and I've attended 1 of 2 breastfeeding classes. I must admit, I'm just ready to meet my daughter. I cannot wait to see who she looks like and what her personality likes. According to my doctor I'm 32 weeks tomorrow, but according to my conception calculations, I'm really just 31 as of this past Sunday. So..not much time left! EEK!


JG said...

I'm really hoping that after my ultrasound this week I'll be able to tell which nudges are feet or hands or whatever. It is really fun feeling that ripple, but it's still really abstract.

I'm not looking forward to the birthing class. Did you both go or just you? I'm half and half about making SoldierMan go. On the one hand, I feel like knowledge is empowerment. On the other hand...I've yet to hear of a single person who came away from it LESS freaked out/traumatized than before they went, lol.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Sounds like you've been doing great!

Shoshanah said...

I feel like you just posted that you were pregnant and can't believe you're so far along! She really will be here before you know it!!

Rebecca said...

Almost here! I can't believe it!

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