Friday, July 1, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

1.Have you (spouse) ever considered joining the military and what do you think of dual military couples?
I've never thought of it, but Sean keeps wanting me to go through OCS and become an officer. However, I zero interest in being in the military. As far as dual-military couples, if you can do it, kudos to you. I'm not sure I could do it and be married. I would think it would put a lot of strain on your marriage.

2.What is your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon?
Sun, swimming and family. Oh..and some tasty food too.

3.What do you usually do for the 4th of July holiday?
Fourth of July just happens to be Sean's birthday and the next day is our anniversary, so the last few years we've gone on trips. This year however, I think it's going to be low-key. We'll probably grill and just hang out and enjoy the day.

4.If they could make an Olympic event JUST for you that you know you’d medal in, what would it be?
Wine drinking? Maybe marathon reading?

5.What have you been doing to get yourself bathing suit ready for the summer?
Every year I say I'm going to be bikini body ready and I never am. This year though I'm doing Crossfit three times a week. Today I'm also adding in some yoga. I'm hoping by the end of the summer my body looks bangin'.


Anonymous said...

Tell Sean Happy Bday from his fellow independence baby! It’s the best bday to have!

loquita said...

I'm doing yoga with my CrossFit right now too. It's making me super sore, which I think is a good thing! :)

Caitlin said...

You already look bangin' lady! Rob said I would do well in the military but I was like hellll no. Some people in his unit (the non-infantrymen, obviously) got to sleep with their wives because the wives deployed too. Crazy!