Friday, July 15, 2011

30 Before 30

I've seen quite a few fellow bloggers doing the 30 Before 30 on their blog and since I turned 28 a couple of days ago, I thought it was time for me to start my 30 Before 30. I have to admit that I was inspired by a few items on other's list and so they've shown up on my own list, but for the most part I tried to do original tasks for myself.  In the near future I'll make a tab for the top of my blog so I can chart my progress and anyone who is interested can keep up.

Melissa's 30 Before 30

1. Have a baby
2. Upgrade my camera (hopefully to a Canon 5D Mark II)
3. Become fluent in another language
4. Assist my Mom in collecting on audio/video my Grandparents' memories/stories
5. Make 5 recipes out of Mastering the Art of French cooking
6. Make a T-shirt quilt
7. Buy a house
8. Fully decorate said house
9. Complete 2 scrapbooks (College and Year of Being Single)
10. Take 30 portraits of people (clients, family, friends)
11. Read 100 books (10 of which must be classics)
12. Make 3 articles of clothing and wear them
13. Have portraits taken of me each year
14. Have a logo, portfolio and website for my photography business
15. Go parasailing
16. Send a card, postcard or letter each month to my best friends, parents and grandparents
17. Become Scuba certified
18. Take a photography/Photoshop class
19. Go whitewater rafting
20. Start and maintain a small garden
21. Hike part (or all) of the Appalachian Trail
22. Drive part (or all) of Route 66
23. Take a picture of Monument Valley
24. Print and organize all of our digital photos
25. Get one of my photos published in a Travel magazine
26. Buy 3 prints from someone who's photography I admire
27. Start and complete a 365 Photo Project
28. Take a dance class
29. Attend an opera performance
30. Attend a ballet performance


Tori said...

I will gladly do number 22 and 30 with you. Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!

Jes said...

yay! nice list!

Abbie said...

Oh crap...I missed this train (turned 30 last week)!

Maybe I'll do a 40 before 40! It'll give me plenty of time to finish it;)

That's a great list though!

Lindsay Gray said...

What an awesome list! I especially love the part about cooking and photography. I think we're sort of the same person. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great list!! I hope it makes your journey toward the dirty thirty that much more enjoyable :)

Natalie said...

Great list! I wish I would have done one of these before I turned 30, maybe I'll do a 40 before 40 list (gosh, that is frightening to think about!)?

Jessica Lynn said...

Love your list! And wow. You just made me realize how close I am to 30!

stefanie said...

I turn 30 in three years. Instead of have a baby, I'd go with become pregnant. Life is just too busy over here. ;)

Alysson said...

what a fun list!! I LOVE it XO

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Good luck with your list!!! I went white water rafting a few months ago and it was awesome! You'll love it!

lilmoomoo said...

I think I am gonna have to make a 30 before 30 list too!!!

Great list ;)


Steph said...

Hey there, I recently awarded you with the "Versatile Blogger Award" !!!! Please visit my blog post to claim your blogger award. :)

Stephanie @

streakcheer7 said...

A lot of these are on my bucket list too!

I feel like writing them down makes them more real, and a constant reminder that you wanted to do it enough to blog about it.