Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guest Post: Family is Everything

Well, how cool is this
my first Guest Blogging experience!
and who better to blog for than Melissa?!
I love this blog!
So thanks for having me!

I’m 18 years old, and I work as a mechanic for a major company.
Oh, and I live in southern England.
I started my own blog as a way of journaling my thoughts and feelings as I entered adulthood and the army wife life, but unfortunately now it’s just about the curveballs my life throws at me!
I toyed with what to write for so long.
I’ve read many blogs, with many guest bloggers, and still, I do not know what to say!
Then I came across one, that really made me stop and think about my life, what motivates me and what upsets me, inspires me etc.
I decided I would try and post about saviours, and the little recognition a Good Samaritan gets.
For those that don’t know me, I ramble, so please bare with me!

Over my short eighteen years on this planet, I have been through quite a lot, happy and sad.
Birth, death, alcoholism, violence, domestic abuse both verbal and physical, suicide, hearth ache, riches, eating disorder..
I could go on, but I won’t bore you!
The point is, I’ve had a lot thrown at me, as I’m sure everyone else has also!
Through it all, my support network has been my rock.
My brother D, in particular.
We really are thick as thieves, and so close.
He kept me going when I thought I didn’t have a reason to want to.
After I recovered from some of said events,
He entered my life.
I guess we could say that was the beginning of my end.
My life became consumed with this American Soldier. He was my life.
I was thrown into wedding planning and removal-company quotes.
I was running myself into the ground sorting things in time for his homecoming, not sleeping properly waiting up till ungodly hours of the night to see if he was trying to contact me.
I was feeling more like a secretary than a fiancé!
Until one day it stopped.
He ended things with me, while he was still in Afghanistan!
As you might imagine, this knocked me for six, and I went on a bit of a downward spiral. I resorted back to my e.d. tendencies, stopped caring about how people perceived me, stopped caring about everything.

That is when I had what some would call an epiphany.
My brother stepped in and said something that will haunt me forever

“Who are you, and where is my older little sister?
The one with so much spark and enthusiasm.
The one who moans at me because my music isn’t loud enough!
The one who lets me finish her burger,
(because she thinks im still a baby that needs feeding.)
The one who is a perfect leaning-post height.
The one I can laugh with and shout at and say sorry too.
My sister.”

That is what caught me. Over all this time, I had been focusing on my hurt and suffering and the pain that had been inflicted upon my heart.
I didn’t even think for one second, the kind of hurt I was harbouring on the ones around me.
That hurt me all over again.
I had to change.
Albeit only a few months ago, I will forever thank my brother’s moaning for saving me.
His little rant is what kicked my arse into gear. It’s what I needed to stop moping and start living again.
Now I’m a happier person, with a reason to keep breathing.
I have family and friends who love me.
I have a job that, sometimes I hate, but is all-in-all good fun.
And I have a wonderful blogging community to rant to, to help keep me sane and away from the despair I can sometimes feel.
I know this has been some major rambling post, and I know there are so many worse things going on in this world than me being jilted and feeling upset, but there is a moral to this post;

No matter how in love you are,
how busy you are,
how much money one earns,
what part of the country one lives in,
ones life plans or career goals…
None of this is worth anything if you don’t have the support of your loved ones.
If you don’t have that rock.
Family is everything.
And so I dedicate this post to my rock,
my brother Daniel, thank you for saving me.

p.s – this photograph was taken at Christmas 2009, hence why we look so young!

p.p.s – when I mention me being his older little sister, it’s a family joke thing.
I'm 18 and only just 5ft6.,He is 17 and 6ft5. Hence the older little sister! J

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