Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veterans Day

Yesterday Sean and I took a trip to the war memorial outside of Florence. Since it was Veteran's Day, a couple of junior ROTC groups from Italy did a ceremony. I have to admit I choked up a bit during a few of the songs. The cemetery was very moving and just incredible in my opinion. It's one of the smaller cemeteries holding soldiers from WWII, but that doesn't make it any less moving.

This is the group from Naples High School

One of three wreaths they placed on the memorial.

More flowers left at the memorial.

Headstone marking the grave of an unknown soldier

Row of crosses. Probably my favorite shot of the day.

Sean and I are off to Slovenia today so I'm not sure if I'll be around much until Monday. We have wireless in our room (supposedly) but we shall see if we even take the laptop.

Have a good (early) weekend!


KrysTros said...

Thank you to your husband for serving our country and thank you for standing by and supporting him as his wife. Freedom isn't free.

Roxanne said...

What moving photos. I love that the marker for the unknown says "known but to God". Thank Sean for his service and have fun on your trip!

Sara said...

Yeah traveling with laptops is more work that neceassary sometimes. Wonderful pictures. I like the background in the first. Is this an American cemetary in italy?

Stace said...
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Stace said...

Tell Sean Thank You for serving our country. Those are really great photos! Enjoy your weekend!

(I also put the follow button on my blog, I am too blond to realize it wasn't there! haha)

Julie said...

These photos are great. Have a fun trip :)

Patience said...

Great photos. Many thanks to your husband for serving our country!!

Jessica said...

Thank you for all that your husband does and you for supporting him! I know it's a tough job, but we're lucky to be able to do so. This post choked me up! Love the pictures.. they really were moving.
Have a great trip!

Hannah Noel said...

Don't take the laptop-- just enjoy the time alone! :)

I love the pictures.. so moving and serene.

Beth Dunn said...

Beautiful pictures! xoxo


Kebi Cedawna said...

These pictures are stunning