Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

So how was your Thanksgiving?

Mine was good minus a couple of things.

A. My Pioneer Woman rolls did not rise as beautifully as those pictured in her blog. They still tasted good though and that's all that mattered.
B. People who RSVP'd that they were coming to our dinner did not come. HUGE pet peeve of mine. Really's manners. Get some.

I even went to the gym today and did cardio...although I'm sure that was negated once I got home and grazed on leftovers. Pumpkin pie/stuffing/potato I love thee.

Currently I'm uploading my pictures to the Army MWR site for the photography contest and watching Survivor. I'm actually into Survivor this season.

Tomorrow is the big game for Sean and I. BEDLAM! Of couse I'm rooting for my Oklahoma State Cowboys...we're having a good season and I don't want the Sooners ruining it for us.


Sarah Ann said...

Glad to hear you had a happy thanksgiving! We went to a co-worker's house and enjoyed thanksgiving with them. So nice to have friends to spend the holiday with, that's one great thing about the military don't you think? Anyway, have a good weekend!

JG said...

Ugh, Bedlam. This is the first year I'm not even excited. I may have to bury my head in the sand for days....Bummer Sooner. :p

BSS said...

oh my goodness, the RVSP thing is a HUGE pet peeve of mine too! It really made me mad when I was planning my wedding too, especially when I put a stamped envelope for everyone to return theirs... oh well.

Christy said...

So happy to hear Thanksgiving went well for you guys. Sorry about the some of the RSVPers no showing - no cool. Way to go for working out! Huge inspiration!! I'm excited about Bedlam too!! I feel as though it's always a pretty close game - makes for a fun & exciting game!

Have a great weekend!

Tania said...

You did a lot better than me! I haven't worked out since Monday! But then my workout routine is almost nonexist (like my blogging) since I started school :)

I also made PW's rolls for Thanskgiving and mine rose too much! They looked good after an hour, but I told myself "No, PW said 2-3 hours". They were monsters by the end of 2 hours! Oh well, they still tasted good. Was your yeast still active? Maybe it wasn't warm enough in the room?

Glad your Thanksgiving was great!

Jane said...

Sorry about the game. Welcome to it raining on your parade. You guys have done it to us a couple times in the last 10 years!

I guess I can be sort of happy now whoever wins. I mean, OU got bazillions of my dollars for 4 years of undergrad and 2 years of grad. Now, OSU gets trazillions of my dollars for med school. I'm really happy OU won though!

Tori and Chad said...

We had people who RSVP'd not show up too. I was especially surprised after hearing Chad tell the guys while on the phone with me at NTC "And if you say you're coming, you really better be coming because I don't wanna be wastin' any money on your punkasses." My husband is so classy.

The other peeve I had though was no one contributed in any form what so ever, but actually expected full on leftovers to be sent home with them. Like really?

Windy City Kelley's said...

I'm so into Survivor this season too!