Monday, November 30, 2009

I Love Christmas: Christmas Music

I thought I'd do a few posts in December about what I love about Christmas. Technically I know it's not quite December, but I decided to overlook that fact.

Today's I Love Christmas post is about Christmas music. I actually made 3 Cd's yesterday of Christmas music. Some I already had on other cd's and some I just now downloaded on ITunes.

One of my favorite finds was a CD called Christmas Cocktails.

It's mostly traditional Christmas songs presented in a jazzy sort of hipster way. It's AWESOME! So....if you're looking for something new to listen to you should check it out. ITunes has the whole CD for $9.99.

As far as traditional songs I have my favorites of course. I'm going to share my Top 5 list with you.

1. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year-Andy Williams
2. O' Holy Night- Celine Dion
3. Sleigh Ride- I love all versions of this, Boston Pops, Ronettes and Johnny Mathis
4. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree- Brenda Lee
5. I'll Be Home for Christmas- Michael Buble

What are your favorites?


Julie said...

Oh Holy Night is one of my favorites too!

I also love Hard the Harold Angels Sing & Carol of the Bells :)

Love this season too!

Jessica Lynn said...

My favorite is Jingle Bells by Barbara Streisand, and my second favorite is Baby it's Cold Outside!

Via said...

All I want for Christmas. I think it's by Mariah Carey. Favorite!

Jon and Steph said...

Christmas music always makes me happy!! I can't wait to make a CD for this year

Jon and Steph said...

Oh and I'm with Via, I love that song ;)

stefanie said...

My favorite Christmas album is the one by N*Sync (Don't judge. Hehe.). I love every single song on it.

JG said...

I have a Christmas music playlist on my iTunes that is 8 hours long!! :) I can't pick just one!

But I CAN recommend - do a search for "The 12 Days of Christmas" by Straight No Chaser. You may not have heard it, but it came out last year and was all the rage among the Christmas music stations. It's still one of my favs! They are a group of guys who met in college, like through their fraternity or something, and they were all studying things like law and business, not music, but they liked to karaoke together. Well, now it's 5 or 6 years later and someone posts one of their karaoke trips on youtube. A record company picked it up and found them all and said, "Hey, would you guys wants to get together and make an album?" And they did. They're pretty good.

Kebi Cedawna said...

While I was Black Friday Shopping at Woodland Hills in Tulsa, I was "overjoyed" to hear Sears' Christmas songs over the intercom. I thought of you :)
"Bears Goin' Dosey Do" ring any bells?
My favorite is "Baby It's Cold Outside"

Lexilooo said...

Carol of the Bells is one of my favorites, along with The Little Drummer Boy!