Monday, December 31, 2012

Favorite Photos of 2012

Every year I like to post my favorite photos that I've taken throughout the year. This year instead of doing 10 photos, I'm doing 12. Simply because I couldn't decide what two photos to leave out.  This year it was a bit harder to choose, because I don't have as many travel photos as I normally do.  This year, instead of twelve months of travel photos to look through, I only had six.  Just another downfall of not living in Europe anymore!  Also, I apologize for the large watermark across the photos, but this past week I found out more people were stealing my photos and I believe some of them were obtained on my blog. So I'll be watermarking my photos on here from now on.

1.  This is one of my very faves and Sean's too. He actually has it hanging up in his office. It's from our trip to Dublin this spring. To me, nothing says Dublin like a photo of a pint in a pub.

2. I took photos at a small wedding of a friend of a friend last February. I ended up borrowing a camera and flash, as my camera and equipment weren't enough for a dark, inside wedding, but I got some good shots and this is one of my favorites.

3.  I took a second trip to Paris this May with a friend and her husband (which I still haven't blogged about) and I love this photo of cafe chairs. Paris has cafes all over. It's like that IS Paris. So, I love this shot very much because it does remind me so much of Paris. Plus, I love the bright colors of the chairs.

4. This is another Paris photo,although you'd never know just by looking at it. I love Vespas and try to get photos of them as much as I can. This yellow Vespa was so cute and cheery that I had to photograph it. I love this print so much, that it's actually hanging in my guest bedroom.

5.  This photo was taken at my parents' house last January, when I'd come home for Christmas.  I love silhouette shots and I wanted to get a shot of something that made me think of Oklahoma. It was just a bonus that the stars were so bright when I was taking this photo.

6. Poppies in the spring in Italy make for a great background. Unfortunately I never got my own photo taken in the poppies, but I did get to photograph a friend and her daughter in them.

7.  This is a photo from our trip to Seville last February. Seville was my favorite city in Spain. So beautiful and photogenic. I could not stop taking photos while we were there.  These oranges were all over Seville and to find a fountain full of them was a nice surprise.

8.  I've been to Carnevale for three of the four times I could have gone while we were in Italy. My favorite part was taking photos of all the costumes. In fact, I didn't do much else but take pictures of costumes. Well, except for eat, but that's to be expected anywhere I go.  This is one of my favorite costumes that I've photographed. Probably because I love the colors so much!

9.  I love peacocks. In fact, I'm kind of obsessed with them. The colors are gorgeous and the feathers are to die for. I don't even like the idea of getting a tattoo, but I would get some kind of peacock feather tattoo. They are that pretty!  This peacock was in Seville at the Real Alcazar. You could say I stalked this poor peacock to get a bunch of photos of him.

10.  When I went home for a visit this summer, after we'd moved back to Oklahoma, I took this photo near my parents' pond. It was someplace I used to walk to a lot when I was younger and I always find it very peaceful.

11.  This is a fountain in the Plaza de Americas in Seville. If you ever in Seville, go here! It's gorgeous at night, but even better by day when you can see all the different tiles and the canals.

12. Last, but not least, this photo is from my last trip to Venice before we moved. I've taken photos of the Rialto Bridge before, but this is by far my favorite. I timed the gondolier moving underneath it perfectly and to me it says "quintessential Venice".

Happy New Year's Eve to all! Here's hoping 2013 is even better than 2012!


Shoshanah said...

My favorite is the silhouette with the oil drill. I like it since it isn't what you'd normally expect to see in a photo, but it's still so pretty!

Fran said...

wonderful photos!