Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Items of Interest

I put together a list of things that are Christmas related, that I felt like are worth sharing with you guys.

1.  I love doing Christmas cards every year, but Sean is a pain when it comes to trying to get him to take a photo for our cards. So, this year I gave him a break by ordering customized portrait Christmas cards from BrookeLynnDesign on Etsy.  She did a fabulous job on ours, was super easy to work with and we got our cards really quickly. I highly recommend her! I'd show you what our cards look like, but I'm waiting until I get them sent out before I ruin the surprise.

2. Hickory Farms contacted to let me know that they are offering free shipping to APO and FPO boxes, as well as a section of military gifts on their website. The link is here.

3. Every year I like to buy Christmas t-shirts. Most years I buy Christmas Vacation shirts, as that movie is my favorite. However, this year, I ordered these Home Alone shirts for both Sean and I because I think they are hilarious.

4. Of course, I can't forget my Christmas Vacation shirts, so here's a few of those as well.

5. My own Etsy shop, Around the World in 80 Frames, has various Christmas prints for sale, as well as other photos from my travels around the US and Europe. My blog readers always get 15% off anything in the shop, just use the code blogfriends.  Also, in the next week or so I'll be having a giveaway for items in my shop, with two winners, so check back for that soon!

6. Every year I add to my Christmas CD collection.  This year on iTunes I put the White Christmas soundtrack on my wish list, as well as a few others. Imagine my disappointment when I went back to buy the soundtrack a couple of days ago and it's no longer on iTunes. So, after some searching, I found out that I could download it on Amazon for the same price that it had been listed on iTunes. Problem solved!

A few other albums I liked this year are:

Jack Livingston's Big Band Christmas

A Most Excellent Jazz Christmas

I  mentioned the following albums within the last few years, but they're worth mentioning again.

Diana Krall- Christmas Songs
A Very She & Him Christmas
Michael Buble- Christmas
Christmas Cocktails- There are 4 albums now, I just have the first two. I highly recommend them.

There you have it! My list of things you should know about Christmas!


Lou said...

i love the shirts!!! i think you have convinced me that i need a christmas shirt! said...

I am obsessed with Michael Buble's Christmas album. Whenever we are in the car I always want to put the station to the Christmas station and my husband gets pissy about it :(

Fran said...

Love that first shirt hehe

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love those shirts!! Last year I got the Christmas Vacation one that was about the toilet being full! lol