Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On My Christmas List

Since it's November, I thought it was time that I could safely feel like I could blog about Christmas, although in real life, I refuse to put up decorations/listen to more than one Christmas song at a time, until after Thanksgiving.

I've been putting together my Christmas list for awhile. Generally I just add stuff to an Amazon wishlist, which makes it ten times easier for me to remember everything throughout the year, so these are a few of the items on that list.

1.  Polar FT4 Heart Monitor

I've been wanting a heart rate monitor for awhile, but after my good friend Annie, told me how much she loved this particular monitor, I had to put it on my wishlist.

2. Bosu Ball

I was actually surprised these babies were $100! I put it on my wishlist anyway, just because I did an abs class that used them back in Vicenza and found it really worked my core. I know there are other fitness things I can use it for besides abs and think it'd be a great piece of workout equipment to have around the house.

3.  Frasier Complete Collection

There are very few shows that make me laugh every episode. Will & Grace is one, Frasier is the other. I usually watch a couple of episodes on Lifetime every morning, but I would LOVE to have the complete set of Frasier.

4. Poster Art of the Disney Parks book

I first read about this book coming out earlier this summer on a Disney blog and I've been excited about the book ever since. It's actually sold out a few times on Amazon, but is currently back in stock and I'm contemplating buying it, although I'll probably wait until after Christmas, just to make sure I don't receive it as a gift.  All the retro poster art of the Disney parks is in here. Considering I want to decorate one of my future childrens' rooms in Disney poster art, this is definitely high on my list for this Christmas.
5. Make-Up Organizer
This little baby comes from The Container Store. I first saw it on Pinterest and thought, "Yes! This is exactly what I need for my bathroom!" Currently my make-up hangs out in my make-up bag and it's annoying to have to dig out everything everyday when I could just have it sitting in this.
6.  Bird print
This comes from the shop of Visualphilosophy. Tons of cute prints for good prices in the shop, check them out!
7. London Bus Print
This print comes from HelenRobin, another great shop for prints. I love London, so this would be perfect in my house.

8.  The Money Pit
One of my all time fave movies, yet for some reason I don't own it. I cannot tell you how many times I watched this when I was younger. Hilarious! And I started calling the house we currently live in The Money Pit when we were having so many issues with it right after we first moved in.

So, there you have it, a few items on my Christmas wish list.  Care to share some items you have on your own list?


The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Would love a bosu

Turner3109 said...

I'm sure you probably already knew this and would prefer to own it anyway but they have the complete Frasier series on netflix lol I am in love with that show, Will and Grace, Friends...and Golden Girls, not going to lie, that last one cracks me up! :D

Andrea said...

The Polar is amazing, I have the same in white. And yes yes yes for Will & Grace and Fraiser!

Anonymous said...

I haven't even thought of a Christmas list yet! I really like that bird print and browsed through the site and really want the one where you write your anniversary date and names. Very cute.

Chantal said...

I have that exact same watch on my list too!

Tori said...

I asked for that heartrate monitor from my parents too!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I actually got the Frasier complete set a few Christmas' ago and it's fantastic! There's so much extra stuff on them about the show! Hope you get some of these great gifts!