Thursday, April 5, 2012

Book Review: Intro to Army Life

Awhile back I was contacted about reviewing a new book, Intro to Army Life by Allison Mewes.

I was pleasantly surprised with this book.  It's concise and gives useful information without being overwhelming. This book is broke down into short chapters detailing various aspects of the Army and Army life. A few examples are: Military Structure, Pay and Benefits and Deployment and Emotions.   There are a few things in my own Army experience that are different than listed in the book, such as living on post and some of the rules that go along with that, but overall it's a great guide for a new Army spouse.

Honestly the thing I liked most about this book was that it included pictures. That might sound a bit funny to some, but when you are new army wife, photos of the different types of rank, an LES statement and the various types of uniforms can be very helpful.

Because I've been married to someone in the military for the past 5 years, there wasn't much in the book that I wasn't at least aware of, but I will say that the military discounts and resources page included some information that I wasn't familiar with. 

Overall I'd recommend this to anyone who is new to the lifestyle or even a veteran spouse who would like all this info at their fingertips.  You can find the book on Amazon in book form or even for your Kindle.

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Tasha said...

Very cool! Don't you wish you would've read it 5 years ago? ;-)