Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Question of the Day: Heroes at Home

Today's Question of the Day is concerning Sears program "Heroes at Home".

Now I'm not sure that you all know what it is, so if you don't, I'll include a brief explanation, as well as the link to the actual site from Sears.

The Heroes website

From what I gather, the program is designed to help active-duty service members provide a good Christmas for their family. I interpret that to mean that the program is designed for families that might have trouble otherwise providing a good Christmas for their family. When I worked at Sears several years ago, that is how it was conveyed to me and that's how I've thought about the program for the past few years. Now, I realize not everyone has the same view of the program as I do. That's fine, if you want to buy yourself a new TV with it, then that's your right, but just know that's not what I think the program was originally designed for. (And yes, I have known someone via online that used the giftcards to upgrade to a larger TV)

So imagine my surprise when I see how ridiculous people are being about this program. There are hateful messages everywhere on Facebook about how Sears screwed families out of their giftcards and even people going so much to say they got the giftcards the last couple years and are angry they didn't this year. Have people forgotten that this program is not a god-given right? That people are donating to this program out of the goodness of their heart. You don't NEED to get a giftcard every. single. year.  I also read a forum post yesterday where a wife who has been seperated  from her husband for almost a year and had repeatedly complained about how awful he was and why they were getting divorced, told everyone she had applied for the program. It's shocking to me how ungrateful and entitled many of these people are. 

Although technically since Sean is active duty, we could apply for it. I don't, because we aren't hurting for money.  I understand that there are years where things are tight and you want to give your kids a great Christmas, but if year after year that is you and your family, then you need to adjust something in your finances.

It's almost to the point where things have turned so ugly about this program, that I wish Sears would just do away with it, but then I realize that would punish the people that might actually really need something like this.

What are your thoughts on the Heroes at Home program and some of the ungrateful attitudes of military families regarding it?

Also, I'm aware this is a hot topic, so keep your responses civil. If you don't, I will delete your comment and you will be banished from this blog. No joke!


Krista said...

i agree absolutely.
i hate when people act entitled.

Prim said...

I agree. Sears ought to end it since it is being abused so frequently and causes a huge commontion year after year. It's one of the reasons I boycott Sears and don't shop there.

Samantha said...

I agree. People are ridiculous. I'm in the same situation as you, I manage my money and therefore don't require handouts. I grew up in a military family who never needed or accepted handouts in order to have a nice Christmas. My other question is what ever happened to the lesson or idea that Christmas wasn't really about the gifts it's about family and the memories??
Additionally, I feel these mil-spouses who are out there begging for handouts with their entitled attitudes are an embarrassment to me as an Army Wife.

JG said...

I absolutely agree. I think it's great when companies and celebrities do special things for military families, they aren't under any obligation and it's a great gesture. But I hate how, very often, it brings out the worst in people.

Sarah said...

It bugs me too. A lot of my friends were mad because they had gotten on the list though and then because of whatever error occurred, they had to try and get on the list again. That part I think was a huge fail on Sears behalf, but on the other hand there were friends of mine who I don't think need it...I'd never say it to them, but I was glad the money was going to others.

Amber said...

I felt awful reading through some of Sear's facebook comments. I felt bad for them. And for the people spewing so much hatred for such a generous thing. It gives military families bad names, makes us look bad for them to flip out like that.
Some people just really need to wake up and smell the roses... life isn't about greed! Be grateful that someone cares enough about us (military families) to even put together such a program!
Greedy bitches make me sick.

Emily said...

I 100% agree as well! I know someone who got a gift card to spoil her neices and newphews (and i'm sure buy things they don't need). As nice as that sounds of them.. they don't need it! They just got a HUGE bonus not long ago. It bugs me as well.

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Doris said...

oh my I have not been to your blog in forever so I am catching up on weeks and weeks worth of posts. But man I saw the crazy shenanigans on facebook amongst my own friends about this sears card giveaway. I did not apply I had vaugley heard about it before and since it said Heroes at Home I for some reason thought that meant the wounded or some military person with hardships or what not. So i didn't put much thought into it. Then I saw the Frenzy going on about it online and I thought Oh well I guess I should apply they are giving money away to active duty members then I forgot about it. I am glad i did not apply I really didn't think too much into it but the aftermath the reactions and seeing posts like this remind me that we did not need it and the moment I thought I wanted to apply was only because I kept reading people post about omgosh I got in or don't forget to apply at this time for this and I got excited about it momentarily lol.