Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 1- Pompei

So...I'm breaking the Naples trip down by days to make it easier for me and less boring for you.

The first day was 8 hours of riding on a bus and then Pompei.

It looked rainy when we got to Naples, but then finally started raining on us right as we started our tour of Pompei. Thankfully it stopped raining after about twenty minutes, which also cleared the crowds out.

This was towards the start of our tour, it was one of the main squares of Pompei.

One of the infamous plaster casts of the bodies found at Pompei. This guy was trying to cover his nose and mouth from the poisionous gas. I can't explain how weird it was to see this place that was preserved from 79 A.D. It was surreal!

This was one of the entrances to the bathhouses. I believe it was on the men's side. Very picturesque.

This was in the courtyard of the largest house in Pompei. The House of Faun. (Named so after a statue in the courtyard)

A scene from the brothel. They had a "menu" of different options you could ask for. This is one of the options.

One of the statues on the wall at the bathhouse.

A view of the huge courtyard and a view of Vesuvius. If you look you can see it shrouded in the clouds.

I believe this is still part of the bathouse, on the side of the goblet it has the price engraved on how much it costs to use it.

This is the price engraving on the side of the goblet

The fruit stand outside of Pompei, where I might add I purchased the best lemon granita (slush) I've had since I've been in Italy.

Look for more trip pics tomorrow!


Annie said...

love the pictures from day 1!
looks like the trip started out great!

p.s. new to your blog. had to say that you were a gorgeous bride!!

Sara said...

I love all the pictures! Especially the antiqued one of the garden/plaza. So jealous you went to pompei. Very old places like that get to me too. Rome was like that for me.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! I'm so jealous!

ae said...

beautiful pics!

Sarah Ann said...

That looks so amazing! It must have been quite an experience to be in a place that has been around for so long!
So I've a question for you, I have a friend who may be moving to Italy with her now boyfriend (husband if they move) to an AF base. Shes trying to get information about the move, pros, cons, etc. I was wondering if I could give her your email and let her ask you some questions? Just let me know- and don't be afraid to tell me no! I totally understand if it would make you uncomfortable.

Rachel said...

Looks amazing! You're so lucky to leave near so much history, art, and culture!

SinGal said...

Yes, I would like all of those framed so I can put them in my house! :)

Beautiful pics! Can't wait to see more!

Amanda said...

Great pics. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Shoshanah said...

I went to Pompeii the summer after 10th grade, and honestly the main thing I remember are those "menu" mosaic tiles. I've so glad you noticed them too!

Via said...

I am just absolutely fascinated by Pompeii. I cannot WAIT to go there one day! If you have more pictures posted online somewhere, I'd love to see them! My email is attached to this post, of course!

Abbie said...

How awesome! I am SO jealous that you went to Pompeii! I love, love, love all of the ancient history in Italy! Your pictures are fantastic and now I'm going to get a popsicle (closest thing in my house to a slush!).

Jessica Lynn said...

Love the photos :) And I really can't wait to see more!!!

Jon and Steph said...

Wow, Pompeii looks incredible! I CAN'T wait to visit now. You'll have to give us some tips on what to see and do.

GREAT pictures as always!!

Cassie said...

I absolutely loved Pompeii. I am morbidly obsessed with those casts of the bodies. I just think it is so weird how they were preserved.

Hannah Noel said...

I have always wanted to go to Pompei-- the pictures are so beautiful! The ash-cast man is so sad :(

Odyssey said...

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