Saturday, October 27, 2007


My husband Sean is a blessing in my life. I love him and all that he is. However, lately he's really been trying my patience.

It's a responsiblity thing honestly. He's 28, I'm 24 and I feel so much more responsible than him. I think part of that is he's still living in the barracks for right now and I don't think that encourages the most responsible behavior. Not to mention the fact that most of his friends are 5-7 years younger than him. We all know how immature 21 and 22 year-old guys are don't we?

Take for instance today, we are talking and he tells me he got in a fight last night. Ok? Last time I checked last night he was going to bed. So I ask him about that. I guess some of Bravo Company was outside his door, smashing beer bottles and being loud. He went out and asked them to knock it off, they didn't. So instead of just ignorning them like a mature, responsible 28 year old would, he decides to try to knock some sense into them. I just felt like saying Why? Why did you do that? He tells me his nose is really sore now and he's wondering if its broke. It's been broken before in a previous fight so that wouldn't be unheard of.

I just don't think continually getting into fights looks good to others. I've told him before that if he wants to do stuff like that when he's single and suffer the consequences, then fine. When you're married and your choices affect mine. Not fine! It's hard to really do anything though or attempt to keep him in line when we aren't even living together right now. I just hope that when we are finally living together that this childish nonsense would stop.

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