Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Memphis- Have you been?

Since Sean and I have yet to take a vacay together since we moved back from Europe, we planned a road trip in October when we both have a few vacation days we can use.  We've decided on Memphis, as it's not a long drive from where we are and neither of us have ever been there.

We have a few ideas for restaurants or food places we want to try: Rizzo's, Muddy's Bake Shop, Deja Vu and Brother Juniper's and we're still trying to decide on where might have the best BBQ.

We also would like to see Graceland, Sun Studios, the Gibson Guitar Factory and the National Civil Rights museum. question is this: Have you been to Memphis? If so, what do you recommend both food wise, activity wise and attraction wise? We already have our hotel booked, so no suggestions needed there.


Lindsey said...

I'm from Memphis and I miss it more than ever!! Central BBQ is the best, hands down. Do not eat at Rendevous! It' s a tourist trap. I love our Zoo and personally, I would rank Graceland on the bottom of your list. It's kind of underwhelming. Are you renting a car or relying on public transportation? Sun Studio is kind of on the cusp of downtown/midtown and not in the best area. Oh I suppose you'll have your own car, duh. Hopefully you're staying downtown, you must go out to Beale Street! If the weather is nice, you should go sit outside at Silky's or Alfred's. Silky's has a great outdoor patio with some wild goats that run around ;) and there is always great live music! Be prepared to pay a cover (5 dollars) at every bar you go into on Beale. It's kind of annoying but it keeps the riff raff out. A great hole in the wall to hear some good music is Beale Street Tap Room. And if you're feeling frisky and you love Michael Jackson esque music then you MUST go to Raiford's. It is my absolute favorite place in the whole entire world. The cover is $12 and they only take cash but it is SO worth it. Go there and dance the night away for me because I miss it so much. Despite its connotation, Memphis is not a bad city. Now, don't get me wrong, if you are hanging out in Orange Mound (a bad area) then you could see some crime but I never felt safe in all the time I lived downtown. There are definitely some homeless people that are going to ask you for money. You have to not feel bad about it and just go on. They're professionals at this. Some will ask you if you're a tourist and try to give you directions and ask for $$. If you're staying downtown, then take the trolley ($1 each way) down to South Main and go to the Civil Rights Museum. There are lots of shops and it's a cool area down there, I would make sure you had some time to walk around. This is also where Central BBQ is located!

Also, there is almost always something going on downtown, on South Main, or on Mud Island. Let me know when you're going or do some googling to see what's going on for when you're there! I hope you have so much fun and I am so jealous!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I have been to Memphis 5 times and it's been great. There is certain parts of the city that aren't great though due to crime. A must is beale street and tater reds is a fun treat on that street. Also the burger at Dryers is amazing!

BBQ- Marlowes. NO JOKE! It's amazing. Also Graceland is really fun but you know how much I love Elvis. The Gibson Guitar Factory was kind of underwhelming for me but it was short and fun.

The Civil Rights museum is a must and it's directly across from the hotel that MLK was killed at.