Thursday, July 19, 2012

Your Favorite Apps?

Sean and I have finally joined the 21st century and obtained smart phones.  Although we were looking at getting iPhones, we ultimately decided to go with Androids. I got the Samsung Galaxy II and am quite pleased with my choice. The only downside is my phone had to be ordered and won't be in until next week.

So, in the meantime I'd love to hear what Apps you love and use often.  I know Android and Apple have some similiar apps, but also there are som that I won't be able to get not having an iPhone.

Let's hear those app suggestions!


Dana said...

AllRecipes, Instagram, Pandora, Retro Camera (the photo app I showed you on my phone), TuneIn Radio, and Zedge for ringtones.

JG said...

I don't know what your phone came with, so here are the ones I use most often.

100 floors - fun game.
Amazon Kindle
Barcode Scanner
NOT The Blogger App - it's awful!
See if Ft. Sill has a directory app. Ours does and it helps.
Netflix (only for instant accounts)
And the facebook and twitter apps are really good. I also use IMDB ALL the time, but I'm a movie buff.

Aracely said...

I use, AAA triptik (if you have AAA), Southwest (if you fly SW), iheartradio, songza (great music app), & lookout mobile security (great anti-virus/spyware app)

Southern Roots and Combat Boots said...

MY Fitness Pal

I use the Blogger App too because I can't seem to find anything else for the iPhone worth downloading. I just switched to an iPhone this Friday from android. I had a blogger app that was awesome:(
I also used a Google Reader app that allowed me to read all my blogs with ease. However, I can't find that on my iPhone either.

Mapquest for turn by turn directions. A life saver for us military wives always moving somewehere new;)

Also heard about BUMP. an app that makes transferring your pics from your phone to your computer UBER EASY!

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Here are some that I have on my phone that haven't been listed already. I'm assuming that most of them should be found in the android marketplace as well. I'm so excited you have a smart phone :)

Photography: PS Express, LR 4 free, LensLight, Collage, & Muzy.

Randoms: QR Reader, AccuWeather, Etsy, Forever21 (tips & shopping), Pinterest, US magazine, & Trip Advisor

Communication: Tango, skype, whatsapp, emoticons.

These are some of my fave fitness apps: nike + running (you don't need a sensor & it utilizes your phone gps, fit radio (for free workout playlists & remixes), fitness buddy (track measurements and has tons of workout tutorials).

Nicole said...

Since I'm sure you'll be doing traveling while you're in Europe download the Rick Steve's App. :D He's wonderful!