Monday, August 8, 2011

Crossfit Update

So, I've been doing Crossfit for almost two months now and I thought I'd give my readers a little update on how it's going.

Honestly, I can really tell that my strength and conditioning have improved. My times for some repeat workouts have improved, often by several minutes. I can lift heavier than I could when I first started.  I can even deadlift 155 lbs and that was several weeks ago, so I'm eager to see if I can deadlift even more now.

 I see some changes in my body as well.  I've had several people tell me it looks like I've lost some weight, but the scale doesn't reflect that. Which is fine, because if I look more toned, I'm ok with that. Some shorts that I bought right before I started Crossfit that were a bit tight fit considerably better and looking at pictures I can see more definition in my arms and legs.

I really am enjoying the people that have been in this class with me. We've gotten a bit smaller than the first day we started, but it's a really fun group and we have a lot of fun.

Here is an "action" shot from today. I'm doing wall balls here, which I really hate, by the way.

 It's a bit hard to see in this picture, unless you click on it so it's bigger, but I told my instructor I wanted to be tagged in the picture because I wanted to brag about my guns on Facebook.


Full of Heart said...

Wow, your arms ARE looking super awesome here! I wish our Crossfit gym still existed out here, because I really wish I could join in the craze!

Jessica Lynn said...

Go you! After we finish P90X and get to Italy I think we may see if the gym out there offers Crossfit, just to change things up a bit. Isn't it awesome to do more than you could when you started?!!!

(p.s. I need some guest bloggers in September—interested?!)

Tori said...

Get it, Missy Mel!

Abbie said...

Your arms looked RIPPED!! Okay...time for me to Crossfit!