Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Help Wanted

Because my family is coming to visit later this month, I'm in need of guest bloggers for a two week period of time.

I'd like to have around seven guest bloggers, but if more are interested, then that's fine too. If you've guest blogged for me before, and are interested, you can again, but I will give priority to those that never have.

Just send me an email (click on the contact tab above for my email addy) and I'll give you the details.

Also...if you've been to Salzburg, Berchtesgaden, Dachau or Neuschwanstein Castle and have any advice lay it on me. I will say that I am planning on doing the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg, but if you have other suggestions let me know.

Additionally, if you've traveled in Poland (specifcially Krakow or Warsaw) Prague, the Ukraine or Budapest and Eastern Europe in general, I'd love to hear your thoughts, tips and suggestions. Feel free to comment or email if you prefer.



kirstieJayy said...

ahh i would love too :) expect an email from me :)

ive never been to those places, but hopefully one day i will :)

i can give you tips on england?! :) haha x

Brenna said...

Prague is one of my absolute FAVORITE cities friend!! I would say it takes 2 days max... there is not a ton to see but the feel of the city is amazing!! We stayed at the Marriot and while it was pricey- it was gorgeous and in a great location. Be mindful of their bar/red light style district- we had friends accidently book a hotel there:)

a girl from oz said...

Dachau - allow lots of time for visiting the camp site. It was an incredibly moving experience that has stayed with me (I visited a couple of years ago on my birthday). You can hire audio guides there or just go at your own pace - which was more than enough for me.

Prague - I would recommend visiting the castle and the Jewish quarter, and visiting the synagogues and cemetery in the Jewish quarter

Carolyn said...

Cute blog! I've been to Salzburg, Berchtesgaden, AND Neuschwanstein Castle ;) I have pictures to prove it! LOL I also have many friends over in that area right now as well. I've never been a guest blogger before--I'll email ya if that would help ya out.

I'm also a new follower! I would love a follow back.

I'll be talkin to ya soon, I hope!

Jes said...

we loved Prague (although, we saw people shooting drugs in the subway which freaked me out a bit). We loved out hotel there! I would definitely recommend it, and the little Italian restaurant that sits under neath it. I think we ate there about 3-4 times during out stay there and loved every bite we ate!

Anonymous said...

When we went to the Neuschwanstein Castle we went on the Edelweiss tour and had a great time. Granted it's a hike to the castle so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

~Kristen~ said...

I wouldn't mind blogging! I have been to Poland, Czech, and Hungary, and would love to pick a place and blog about if you want. By the way, Budapest=amazing!

family of 4 on the move! said...

Neuschwanstein castle is amazing!! I would highly reccomend taking the horse and carriage up the hill as far as it goes then walking the rest of the way. You HAVE to go up the steep hill(no kidding we walked on hands and feet) and go over to the bridge and walk over to Hohenschwangau also. The view from the bridge is simply amazing.

Dachau is a must see. It is completely silent in there and do get the guide with earphones.

Poland is beautiful but if you are driving there be extremely careful when you get out of your car. Car break ins there are very common.

Melody said...

When we were in Salzburg, we used Bob's tours for their sound of Music tours. A friend at home had recommended them.
We also tagged along in the afternoon with a couple from that tour for an Eagle's Nest/Berchtesgaden tour. Our guide was very nice and knowledgeable, but I wish I had gone with my gut and used these guys
instead. The tour we took was too "Oh, the mountains are so pretty," and this history buff wanted more meat.
Hope that helps.