Monday, September 15, 2014

Poll: Photography Pricing Question

Popping in for a quick poll question for my readers (if you guys are still out there).

I'm still in the process of starting my photography business. My question for you has to do with pricing and how it's presented.

Would you rather:

1. Pay for a package where the price is higher ($400-$500)but this includes the session fee, 5-15 digital images and a mix of printed images


2. Pay for the session fee, $100-$200 and then pay a la carte for digital images and printed images.


3. Pay for a session fee, $100-$200 and then be required to purchase at least $200 in printed/digital images.

By the way, I'm currently looking to photograph a couple of births for portfolio building experience, so if you know anyone in the Tulsa, OK area that is pregnant and would be interested, send me an e-mail!


Rebecca said...

The particular option I go for wasn't listed above, so I wanted to explain further.

I'm only interested in photographers that offer ALL digital images. Spending $500 to get 5-15 images is absolutely ridiculous! In this area the typical price point for an established photographer who has been FREQUENTLY published is $500 for one hour and AT LEAST 100 images. I would not even consider a photographer who only offered 5 images.

I purchased a Groupon for $99 for our engagement photos for an inexperienced photographer who offered 5 digital images. I would not pay more than that if I was only getting 5 images.

For an inexperienced photographer, I would be willing to pay $300 for all edited images.

Prints just aren't that important because anyone can do that themselves. My own wedding photographer recommended getting our photos printed at Costco because she thought they had good quality for the price.

Just as a frame of reference, our wedding photographer cost $3000 for 7 hours (additional hours cost $500 more per hour) and we received at least 700 edited images on a flash drive. No album, no prints, no engagement session. Our photographer has been in business since 2007 and has been published in just about every blog/magazine that exists.

Rebecca said...

I realize she's a wedding photographer, which is different from newborn sessions, but I think this post might be helpful to you:

If you haven't checked out her blog before, Jasmine Star has a lot of helpful articles geared towards photographers.

Caitlin said...

I agree with Rebecca - it's frustrating to me that fewer and fewer photographers are giving the edited images back to the client. I get it, obviously, the point is to make money...but I'd rather pay a little more money and actually get the images OF ME or my family (especially since the photographer then has carte blanche to use them for whatever he/she wants) than have to pay exorbitant prices for just a few printed/digital ones.

Jenn said...

Every photographer I have ever worked with offered digital copies of all images (both edited and unedited) for personal use only for the client. They also offered a "discount" on prints for the client if they got them through the photographer. This was the main reason I used the wedding photographer that I did. In the end we ordered 2 good prints we wanted to be framed then got a few standard size ones from walmart photo center to put in a photo album. maybe 20 pictures max. I'm a stickler for rules so I directed family to the photographer for any prints they wanted done. overall family ordered 20 prints from the photographer. I know everyone isn't as honest as I am but I do not think I would want to use a photographer that didn't offer all photos at least digitally to me. I would be willing to pay up to a $50 charge for the copy of it. I understand its a business and that might lessen the cost of losing the print income.

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